So, we are getting a new Legendary Event

A dragon pokemon was seen near a glacier. The one Pokemon that comes to my mind, is Kyurem. But then again, it is also referred as “very popular”. And Kyurem was not popular. I remember back when the game was still new and everyone disliked the design and called it a “digimon Fusion”. Its hard to believe that it got so popular. I mean of course it is popular, every legendary is popular to a certain degree. But so popular that it is even specievely mentioned? I mean, this was not the case for mewtwo? And I do consider Mewtwo to be more popular than Kyurem. I mean, I like base Kyrurem a lot, but still. This is odd. And this brings up another question. How does Dena know which pokemon is popular? I forgot to Mention that the pokemon in question is also weak to rock. So Rayquaza, Reshiram or Kyurem, with either N, Ghetsis, Zinnia or Nate as Sync Partner (Or someone completely different. Who knows. It could also be the Player again…). As much as I like Ghetsis as a villain, it would be just odd, to get him before N. But who do you think it will be?


  • It is weak to rock
  • It is a legendary dragon pokemon
    => It´s either Reshiram, Kyurem or Rayquaza
  • It seems to have high def (As far as I know, Reshiram has the highest def, then Kyurem, then Rayquaza, but that may not meen much)
  • It was spotted near a glacier

=> About the def part. Could it be possible that we get a support legendary? As far as I know Supports do have great bulk. Or will legendary sync pairs always be strikers?

=> About the popularity. I see a lot of people wanting N with either Reshiram, Zoroark or Zekrom. Or Zinnia with Rayquaza. Yet I did not see a single person who wanted Kyurem in the game. I still think that it will be Kyurem, but it is a little bit odd. But maybe there were indeed a lot of people who wanted Kyurem in the and I did just not see it.

But that´s all. What do you think? Who do you think it will turn out to be?

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A Glacier certainly suggests Kyurem… I’m not ready for Nate after spending all my Gems on Ethan :feh_notlikethis:

It does feel like it’ll be Kyurem though, it seems like the most fitting.


Jep, it is most likely Kyurem. But if Nate is the sync Partner he will be free, so you do not need to spend any gems. @.@ But it could also be G-Cis or Player :thinking: It is really hard to tell. But we should know in a few days. I except that we get to know more About the Event on the 22th. The Event is sheduled for end of Jannuary.

Oh yeah, forgot about that :feh_popcorrin:

G-Cis is Ghetsis, ain’t he? I remember cause I once played Pokémon White in German. :catroll:

We’ll find out in due time. :ferdbirb:

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Oh, you are right, it is Ghetsis, I will edit the post @.@

Unless there’s information or a statement from the devs about it, there’s no confirmation that its def stat is high, it could be because all rock strikers deal physical dmg, or that the legendary mon buffs defense during the event, thus the suggestion of pairs that lower defense, idk.

It’s also worth mentioning that a Pokémon’s stats in the main series games are not an indicator of how they’ll be implemented in Masters, we might somehow get a Rayquaza with high bulk for a striker standards, for instance, so we can’t know for sure what the Pokémon is just because of their suggestion to lower enemies’ defense.

Well, that could happen and it’d be nice. From the possible legendary dragons weak to Rock, the only one I wouldn’t like as a support is Rayquaza due to it’s history as a sweeper. Kyurem or Reshiram on the other hand sound nice as supports, either one sounds good, but especially Kyurem if it ends up being good in the ice department.

There’s no guarantee that legendaries will always be Strikers so I have no way of saying for sure if the next legendary will be one, but imo there are some legendaries that seem more interesting for the support job (tower duo, lake trio, Cresselia, some mythic Pokémon if they fit as legendaries, stuff like that), so I’d like seeing a few legendary supports as well.


I’ve wanted kyrurem from day one tbh, but ray would be really cool as well. As long as it’s not Reshiram.

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It can be Kyurem or Rayquaza. But 90% it’ll be Kyurem. I know in the movie, Rayquaza was seen near glaciers, but this game mostly takes its lore from the main series games, and Rayquaza doesnt fly near glaciers. It should be Kyurem. Dont let the “immensely popular” statement fool you. Obviously, the developers want you to be excited for the new event, so they’re not going to advertise that the dragon itself isnt popular.

The legendary doesnt have to come with a trainer. I’m betting that itll be the same scenario with Solgaleo. It’s just going to join the team as a new pokemon for the MC. We are already getting a free new trainer at the end of this month too. (Watch me eat my words though lol, if it does happen to be Rayquaza)


I know. I suspected something similar, yet I really hope that it is N. Or Ghetsis. We already have 3 Versions of the MC. So getting another one right after the Solgaleo Event would be a little bit odd, but not impossible at all. But 2 MC Pokemon in one month? Besides, the data of the pokemon for MC, already existed, but that is not the case for this Event. But then again, there was no Trainer mentioned, and if it would be N or Ghetsis, they would mention that, since this was the case for Giovanni. (But I think we should know more on the, once the datamines for the next Events will arrive. )

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Yeah I do agree, another new Mon for the MC would definitely be a little weird but it’s just what seems most likely to be right now.

This is mainly the reason why I think the MC is getting it. For Giovanni, the summary for the event was that there was a really strong sync pair causing trouble on Pasio. Emphasis on sync pair since it confirmed that it was Gio&M2 not just M2 on it’s own like it seems to be with Solgaleo and maybe this dragon.

Might be slightly biased though. If anyone is getting Kyurem it should be Ghetsis while I think N should go with Reshiram

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Kyurem is a good Legendary I mean I think it’s pretty cool but if N was its trainer I’d be 100% in 10/10 no questions asked I love that boi

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Me too. I allready farmed all the 506 exp books, to Level the new legendary up to lv. 120. Sadly it is still unlikely that we get him @.@ I don´t want to get my hopes up. But we should get him eventually some day. A part of his data is allready in the game

[quest_group_title_10089000000] N
[quest_title_1030210089000000] A Day with N

Leaf was also included in the same Datamine and now she is in the game, so I hope we will get him some day @.@

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So Rayquaza and Zinnia
Kukui and Lyconrock
Steven and Metagross got confirmed. If you are curious, there are some leaks on reddit.


I did see the leaks. Now that’s a surprise! I never thought about Zinnia since she doesnt actually catch or use a Rayquqaza ever. But still cool!

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RAYRAY! :dragon:

I didn’t explicitly say it, but my bet was on my gween dwagon Ray. Heh


Unfortunately they kinda did him dirty power level wise in comparison to other legendaries but he’s def still a powerhouse with the right supports. Got any interesting comps to try? I’m going to be experimenting with Meganium-Ponyta-Ray as soon as I get him to a usable level, seems like it might be the thing that finally makes weather viable.


Not just the power level, but his own moves as well. Outrage and Draco Meteor are both cool, they show the full power of Dragon-types on the physical and special side respectively, but of course that would mean some downsides. Zinnia’s trainer move can recover you from Outrage’s confusion twice, cool, that’s something, and the Sp. Atk buff may help you to hit strong with Draco Meteor two or three times since this one will drop that stat. Besides, the trainer move also decreases both defenses even though we don’t have Dragon Ascent here! lol

I think this kind of fits with how Zinnia wasn’t able to control Rayquaza in ORAS, and even though she can do it now to a degree, she is still quite reckless, hence why Brendan or May would make up for a better trainer to Rayquaza.

Nevertheless, I’m happy for Zinnia. She manages to team up with Rayquaza at last, hopefully making her a bit happier after everything she has gone through, losing Aster and failing to be the one to stop the crisis in Hoenn. Besides, they look cool together as trainer and Pokémon to me!

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I am happy for Rayquaza to. It´s not N, but we got a new Trainer with a legendary pokemon , which is cool. I am happy about every new Trainer I can get. And if we get it´s sync grid, Rayquaza will become much stroger, right?

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Honestly, I haven’t looked into them. But hey, legendaries are always cool. :3
I already have a decent amount of 5*'s, but I’m still excited for Ray!

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I guess the real downsides to Rayquaza are the defenses drop in trainer skill (a bit understandable, considering how OP that is) and the fact that its sync move is Special based, meaning that after you lower the already not so high Sp. Atk because of Draco Meteor you’ll get Sync move damage lowered as well.

I mean, that’s how sync moves work, right? They deal less damage if the stat used is lowered, meaning a big bummer for Ray. It also feels weird to not have Mega Rayquaza because Zinnia has the gear to allow that and the stats are certainly fitting for having a Mega evolution.

I remember that some guy made the math and posted on reddit about how Ray’s damage is comparable to Mewtwo for the first 6 turns but afterwards the damage drops due to Ray’s lack of consistency. Aaand… that’s all I wanna add to the discussion.