So, we're getting a third colorless Mythic

Unless they throw a crazy curve ball, last minute push a legendary hero to a later banner, or start breaking their rules (or if I’ve missed something important), the new Mythic will be colorless.

Red: L!Marth, HS!Elise, M!Byleth
Blue: HS!Ryoma, L!Azura, Fjorm
Green: L!Hector, L!Lyn, V!Greil/Mist
Colorless: Eir, L!Alm, New Mythic

I actually don’t know how to feel about this, because Caineghis would have already made colorless an outstanding color. Just hoping the new Mythic is desirable.

Also it really bothers me that they took up the red spot when red is already incredibly backed up just so that they could put fanservice on the 3H banner. :(


Is this confirmed? (Looks at greens, see Lyn and Hector, rip CYL orbs :feh_bartre: )


Its very likely to be colorless because Hotspring Elise and Ryoma have not appeared yet on a legendary/mythic banner yet.


Colorless looks worthwhile if you like AR and appreciate more copies of Eir or Mystic Boost (like for Alm, or whatever). Not too impressed with the banner though. Green looks ok - more copies of Hector if you have him is still good for merging or DC.

I think I’m going to pass though. I have a +Atk 40+1 Alm already, and I have two 40+2 Eirs. I’m good. CYL3 needs to come soon… I got 400 orbs ready to go for that.

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Yeah they’ve confirmed those legendaries

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Was this list confirmed already? I’d like the source if so

I wouldn’t mind having a colorless Mythic Hero, but why HS!Ryoma on blue?

But it could be blue and they could just wait on Ryoma? they’ve done that before in the past where it took them forever to put some Performing Art’s units on there iirc

just please let me get Leggy Azura without getting 20 of him :feh_notlikethis:

Umm, it might still be red. There’s only 1 red Legendary/Mythic. And I highly doubt they’d stack up Colorless that hard.’

Sure, there’s a chance we get Bruno or Caineghis. But still, my bet is Sothis or Seiros. And red.

Like I said, that would be a curve ball.

If they follow any of the rules they’ve set in place in the last year, the only likely spot is Colorless.

I just read the reddit post about the same thing, and I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the probability of it being colorless.

Why are you sadistic people wishing S!Bruno on those of us that just want to get Alm and Eir merges :feh_notlikethis: :feh_notlikethis: :feh_notlikethis:

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If it is colorless, I’d just be upset because S!Gunnthra wouldn’t get the colorless spot

But that’s an impossibility anyway internally screams in sadness

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I couldn’t care less about the color at this point, the question is whether it will be Tellius or not?

If not, then my orbs are safe for Brave Micaiah :smugmicaiah:

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And colorless is the less represented color in the legendary/mythic pool, tied with green. I don’t see the problem with that

That doesn’t make sense though. There’s 2 mythics/legendaries in every color except for red, why would they put 3 mythics in colorless instead of adding a new mythic in red to round out the 2-2-2-2 spread they usually have?

Note it’s not me wanting S!Bruno (albeit it could be Caineghis instead which would be bonkers). It’s mostly the fact that having another colorless rn doesn’t really mesh with the usual spread they have.

Because it’s Intelligent Systems

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They do what they want.

How is introducing M!Blyth on the mythic banner following ANY rules? The banner is a curve ball, odds are higher for a Red Mythic I’d say.

Whatever color it is, I just hope it isn’t a flier.

I know some people don’t like armors and Duma but I really hope the next mythic is anything but a flier. I use tactics a lot in AR and I refuse to use double of the same mythics so variety would be nice.

How about Calvary dragon without the BST restrictions? Or if it is a flier how about a mage dragon?

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Definitely agree on the new mythic being colorless after the announcement. There are ALWAYS 3 seasonals on these banners. Hot Spring Elise and Ryoma have yet to show up, and then there’s the valentines units. To have a colorless seasonal, they’d have to skip to Spring Bruno, and I highly doubt they’d do that with so many skipped seasonals.

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