So, we're going to be able to grail servants to 120, huh?

According to some Reddit threads discussing the JP Anniversary streams, there’s going to be a new system for grailing servants up to Lv120. Not only that, but at max level, they’ll gain extra passive abilities, and one that they showed up was a patently ridiculous 100% NP charge on turn 1.
(Edit: It’s actually a 20% charge, the 100% shown happened with a non-MLB Scope)

What I’m saying is, hoard your grails people. You’re going to need them…

So, as far as I could gather, you will need the following:
-Servant coins, which you’ll get from bond levels and copies of the servant you pulled
-Grails, which is a limited resource
-Tons of QP and Embers to actually level your servant

The passive skills apparently don’t require Lv120, but they may require higher levels to unlock. These passives also have to be unlocked with coins, and then raised like normal skills.


I will never stop wasting grails on my dearest and most useless wifes and husbands, and this news will do nothing to stop me.


I’m gonna write this here before the post gets more traction…

You’ll need a grail and token from bond level or summonings for increasing level cap. 1 grail and 30/40 tokens will take you from 100 to 102.

Now comes the worst part.

It will take you 20 mill experience to take your servant from 100 to 101. You can pretty much fucking imagine how much it will be to take your servant to 120.


Okay, with those kinds of requirements and costs, I can actually understand getting instant T1 NPs for passive skills now.


its only 20%
not 100


Yay, finally a way to deal with all that lotto EXP influx which made perfect bonfires earlier ^^


The charge is 10-20% and it’s not at lv120 but whenever you choose to unlock the skill with coins.


At least that’s something but fuck, they really wanted you grind out those levels.

Like i’m not saying they shouldn’t make the Ember Requirements to be higher past 100 but come on man? That’s simply too high.


On one hand, people who grind 1k lotto boxes can meet the requirement easily

On the other, what percentage of the playerbase grinds over 200 fucking boxes consistently


To put these number in perspective you would need 204 Hellfires or 618 Blazes to gain ONE level.


All I know is that I need to stockpile some grails next year.

Sure, they’ll almost certainly increase grail income after this, but I have too many favorites.


Like, i know they are trying to make a Servant at that level to feel special, hence the requirements but they are way too steep.

Most people that play the game consistently will stop between 50-100 boxes and that’s nowhere near enough.


You open 1,000 boxes and you’ll end up with 2,500 blazes. If the grow curve increases with each grail as it normally does then that accounts for less than 4 levels above 100.

Currently taking a Servant from 98 to 100 costs about 100 blazes…

EDIT: Fucked up and missed a zero. You’d get 25,000 blazes.


you mean 25 000 blazes lmao


How much stats do you gain though. I assume its around 1000 for 100-120

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And let’s be honest, the passives you get at the start of the battle are middling at best besides the NP charge.

So i’m not surprised most people won’t bother with the system aside from the really dedicated (who i feel was the target audience as they are the only mooks that use the Fou Paws)


Sorry yes I misplaced a number. Still would account for maybe up to 110 with current curve.


Math is not on your side today. I’ll call 1 blaze 30k EXP, so 25k blazes is 750M EXP, what kinda jank curve are you envisioning? 10M extra exp per level?

Didn’t think i’d see an Aardvark getting bodied today.

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Frankly yes. This is already an explosive growth increase. We have no reason to assume further grails won’t also explode in cost. It takes over 12x the experience to go from 100 to 101 than it does to go from 99 to 100.