So what class did (or want to) make your Byleth?

(Marked as spoilers for Byleth’s late game personal class)

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So I finally beat the Golden Deer route, and I gotta say, Three Houses is shaping up to be my favorite Fire Emblem pretty fast! Thanks mostly to the absolutely AWESOME class system! Although I didn’t really do to much with it since it was my first run and I didn’t want to waste time trying out things I didn’t fully understand. I was pretty satisfied with how everyone turned out! With one exception. Byleth. I was going into the game with the hopes of being able to become an armored mage, but I had my hopes dashed when that wasn’t possible. So I settled for the next best thing, HEALER! …only to find out through experience Byleth is a crap healer, although admittedly, the Enlightened One class wasn’t half bad, and helped make me feel like I didn’t waste time on Faith. But with a new game plus at the ready, I think I’ll be able to make myself exactly the way I wanted to all along!

So what did you guys make your Byleth? Or what class did you have the most fun with? Or the one you want to do?

I’ll be shooting for an Armored Archer! Cause if I can’t be an armored mage, I’ll just be the next best (/worst) thing!

I just went with Enlightened one
It’s so Op


I’m still before the timeskip at my second run with Blue Lions,but for now,she’s an assassin,and I’m really liking it.

Later,if not for the ‘‘other’’ class,maybe I’ll try to get Mortal Savant.


I’ve decided, at least on my first playthrough of each route, to have Byleth’s class be determined by what I needed for recruiting. Ingrid needed Dex and Flying so I went with Wyvern Byleth. Felix needed Swords so I kept a sword on her.

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The non-existent class because I don’t have Three Houses :upside_down_face:


Well, Enligthened one is the best class to end in (assuming we don’t get an overclass through DLC which is completely possible, like SoV).

What I’m doing, however, is collecting skills. For example I’ve got Wrath from Warrior, Vantage from Merc, Hit+20 from Archer, Quick Riposte from War Master, and Sword Profficiency so that, when I run, say, a Levin Sword or the Creator’s Sword with low HP. I’m very likely to land a crit and kill waves of enemies so long as their range is 1-2.

I can also run that without Hit+20 and replace it with bow profficiency so that I can carry a longbow and just do the same when I know there’s enemies with 3 range in the vicinity. So on and so fort. Yadda yadda yadda.

Really once you beat it and get your hands on other skills, it’s a matter of mix and match for fun.


I really wanted to make him a mage (like I did in Awakening) but I didn’t, man, is crap that you can’t choose his strenghts. I would have liked it.

In BE route I made him Assassin after he mastered Enlightened One. In GD route I made her (yes, female this time) Pegasus Knight (don’t know if that’s the name, I don’t play in English). I collected a lot of skills btw