So what do you think is the Most "OP" in PVP

Can pick any league, any format…

Curious to see if theres a lot of agreement on what to pick

GL: Galarian Stunfisk (Literally even stronger than Azumarill and Altaria!! The Rock Slides are stackable, if any flyer gets trapped with it, it’s dead.)

UL: No Experience

Masters Open: Melmetal (Even worse than Dialga plus Charged Moves are easily stackable like Gunfisk)

Masters Premier: Metagross (For some reason I’m ALMOST ALWAYS guaranteed to line something horribly weak to it without fail, and then it’s going to pick that thing off 100% of the time.)

Oof what a broad question!
Well it’s redundant but worth adding pokemons are a team, so individual strengths are good but team synergy tells the difference between experienced and strategic gameplay and casual/amateur tactics.
Either way, from what I’ve played, here’s the most common finds in leagues:
1500: Azumarill, Steel Stunfisk, Altaria, Skarmory, Registeel.
2500: Non-Wormy Giratina, Registeel, Regice (Surprisingly!), Cresselia.
Master (Premiere): Metagross -Appears in 80-90% of the matches
Master: Dialga -Appears very often and many times as lead

In GL: Azumarill- hard countered only by Razor Leafers and some niche and overall not so great pokemons( Lanturn, Tentacruel). This is the reason, i avoiding Great League as much as i can.

Ultra Open: Articuno. Hate this thing annoying, debuffing. Even when switch to counter, they first debuff before switch. Just hate it.

Ultra PC: Gallade -cheap, strong CM and hard hitting Confusion. Only hard checked by Charmers.

ML Open: Melmetal. Few tiers above anything else. Only FP Groudon can well get it. Too strong.

ML PC: played only a little, but Magnezone is annoying. and its almost always as lead.

I think Metagross is really breaking MLPC. It has absolutely zero hard counters: it can obliterate most of its counters with a surprise Earthquake/Psychic, and counters that don’t have to worry about that are still threatened by its insanely powerful Meteor Mash. Stuff like Gyarados and Snorlax only need to be chipped a little for Metagross to reliably finish them off. Swampert is the only one that can really threaten Metagross with its fast hitting Hydro Cannons, but it loses to literally everything that hits it for neutral and takes neutral damage in return.


I’ll add one in:
UL: Swampert.

And their answer to Swampert is to give Cresselia Grass Knot and to let Gira-A be Gira-A…Swampert is a problem that enhances some other problems along with it.

Ngl I don’t think anything is truly OP. Buuuuut every time I encounter Obstagoon it’s scary. That’s a match-up that could go anywhere. Bulky, spammy, with a chance of buffing itself, with two very powerful choices for a second move.
Admittedly if I ever used fighting types maybe it wouldn’t be as scary, but every pokemon has its counters


Gyarados is quite a counter. Especially with waterfall and crunch it is on the edge of a hard counter. Besides swampert, also snorlax (especially shadow) is frightening. And to a high extent also garchomp. Not to speak of mud rhyperior and excadrill. Too many to be overpowered, at least imho

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@Haruka_the_Sylveon not the snorlax that needs to be nerfed?

I think it’s Dewgong in GL that is very hard to handle

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I guess dewgong is much easier to handle than azumarill, but because it is comparably rare, usually you don’t have a direct counter at hand (vs Azu you usually have one or even two). Basically, one counter user is enough; if you have the common tag team of DeoxysD and gunfisk at hand you get rid of it easily. Plus it is bad vs Azu itself. Although dewgong wins in some situations, azu with play rough is in a good situation and you can switch accordingly.
Edit: what I didn’t know - also abomasnow is quite good against it, of course shield dependent if not razor leaf.

Oh good thinking!
It’s less op than metagross though, I already posted something about disliking metagross’ dominance before.
What could be nerfed is body slam, to match cross Chop. Same spammability, less damage.
Snorlax is mostly op through coverage and easy shield baits, metagross has raw stats, strong moves, good energy generation and coverage. And typing too.

What annoyed me is that it performs too well for its neutrality, if you want neutral expect it to be weaker than an actual type with STAB moves.

Obstagoon main weakness (apart from fighting moves) is its inability to deal strong damage with charged moves. Anything that resists fighting and isnt weak to dark (and viceversa) turns it too weak to KO.
Spamming night slash looking to buff is not much of a honorable practice though, yet it’s fairly common.

Wormy Giratina is also good against Melmetal, but not by a whole lot.

There’s a Pokemon called Garchomp.

That’s almost a Hard Kill.

As for Psychics, 99% of Metagross don’t carry them, and Gyarados/Charizard is a hard wall.

For me it’s not very different from Skarmory in Great League.

It’s one of those things that you have to know how to deal with but it’s still not as hard as say, Dialga in ML or Shadow Victreebel in GL.

Dewgong can actually win the 2v2 vs Gunfisk (hypothetically speaking, because no Gunfisk shields Icy Winds, but it’s just to show that the matchup isn’t too great). Of course it’s possible to handle Dewgong, it’s just incredibly annoying to deal with. If you don’t have a great lead against it, it will debuff whatever comes in after. If you win the matchup you probably leave with low HP and debuffed once, twice or perhaps even more if the Dewgong shields, making your pokemon a delicious farm opportunity for the next one coming in. Man, I really need a Dewgong

Also you are not wrong about Azumarill; most of Azumarill’s counter still need a shield to properly take it down. I think Tentacruel and Meganium are reliable counters to take it down, but inconsistent against other meta picks (Meganium especially against the fliers, you don’t want that Skarmory to farm off two brave birds). Ferrothorn is the best answer to an Azumarill I think

Yep, Ferrothorn is quiet good vs Azu. Vs dewgong as well. I am quite fine with icy wind users as lead (this is where they are usually), but you need a more or less safe switch afterwards. In GL, atm I am running cherrim, gunfisk and cress, vs dewgong I would stay - even if I take some damage - after the first (shielded) icy wind and then switch, most probably to cress. Many users stay in to fire off a second icy wind, fine, I throw off my grass.move. similar with my GiratinA, where I sometimes even stay in after they fired off a second icy wind, here I switch to either empoleon or goon. but you are right, you are more or less forced to s witch. A DeoxysD safe switch is also nice in GL

Sure it can, but with Sand Tomb and Outrage it technically requires you to burn both of your shields. Meteor Mash even takes 60% of Garchomp’s health in a single hit.

Gyarados is vulnerable to chip damage, and why even use Charizard in ML.

You will be surprised about how many Charizard I saw in Premier. It’s more than you can think.

Speaking of Fire types I DEAD remember one time where I think I was going to win with a near full health Metagross as my last Pokemon.

(PT was Machamp Gyarados Metagross I think)

Then the Bullshit finale happened.

Opponent had a Magmortar at the end, I have 0 shields, he has 1 shield, I fire EQ he block, he OHKOd my Pokemon with fire punch.



(Oh and I forgot I recorded that BS or not)

EDIT: I DID!! Uploading soon.