So what servants are you gonna roll?

Skadi’s banner is over and done with and summer 3 is almost upon us. With a meta servant’s banner gone, who else are you gonna save and roll for the the rest of the year?

Personally, other than summer bb, the only other ssr I might be interested in may be QSH. I might throw tix during waver and Abigail rerun but that’s about it for the rest of the year.


30 sqz and 5 tikets for Jeanne archer.

In other words, i am going to waste some resources for nothing

Kama next year I’m done for this one.

300 quartz for Saber Medb, then i’ll save for Rider Medb and Danzou in october. I’l throw my tickets at Raikou’s thanksgiving banner (if we get it) and Quetz’s christmas one.

After that, my quartz goes to Ooku next year.

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I haven’t really checked to see what is coming up but I do hope we get a Raikou/Shouten Banner. Thinking bout going for Summer BB since her skill could be a fun tool to practice with but other than that, waiting tell Next year.

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Whatever I’ll have minus 15 paid quartz to hopefully NP2 Archuria, then saving for Waver and Reines next year


60 tics for MHXX and roll my SQ for Archuria banner I hope I have 500SQ by then with 14M DL campaign, After that saving till Kama banner next year :fgo_anchin_sama:




Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a raikou banner left this year. Shuten should come during oniland I think.

dantes banner, next year will roll for ma boi arjuna alter and merlin

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I’m thinking of Gil and Lanling Wang, maybe Dantes for this year

Jarcher. Hopefully she comes to my chaldea.

Yup you are prob correct. I have a small part of hope we get a banner from JP. Otherwise, I am just SQ holding until next year. I am looking for Assassin Shuten. I know of the Halloween one.

There’s a chance she will get a rate up because of the KYOMAF 2018 banner from JP.

Most likely not the OG banner with Okada and Munenori but a Thanksgiving Rate Up is very possible for both her and Shuten.

After 110 sq go to waste on trying to pull an np2 certain maid, has left me with 90 sq to spare on archuria banner, targetting 2 copy. Yeah, seems doubtly. But hey, as long as its not 0% chance theres hope

Right? … RIGHT???

After that, no one pick my interest. Maybe ill just save up quartz after that

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Hoping to get Dantes and my 2nd copy of Zerkerlot this year. After that, I’ll be saving for Kama :slight_smile:

After abusing wallet-kun to get Skadi, I should probably roll for Dantes. Which, unless I get him at NP2+ in one 10 roll, likely means no rolling for Summer BB/MHXX. There’s rent and non-ramen groceries to buy.

After that, I’d like to take a shot at Waver and then Cu Alter during the interlude campaign, but it will come down to what my reserves are looking like.

Holding my breath for a part 2 banner on Ooku rerun.

If there are no part 2 banner NP4-5 Scheherazade during
our first Ooku will be my next servant roll. Else Godjurna

Next year is gonna be tough,

Going to whale for BBikini, then drop whatever I have left on Dantes. Since I got Castumu on a ticket, I freed-up a banner slot to roll, as now I can skip New Years. Next year, I am going for Kama, Bride, and mUSAshi. Oh, and I want to MLB Miyu on the Prisma banner.

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Probably one of the few going to roll for summer ushi. Good skills, and aoe np assassin.