So, what should i do now

hi. I started playing this game during a long boring period (i was working o.o)
Eventually i stopped playing because fgo was taking lot of my time and i was not feeling as playing, but i never stopped logging in, so now i have a couple of unit.
what i am asking is simple, as a new player, what should i try to do? i am around 5.5 in the story (so pretty early really). i was farming a bit of altar.
Should i rash the story? or go for farm something? and if so what should i farm to speed up my account (you know… max level hero and so on)

here a list of the 5 * i got (all level 50 except a couple)
Tamarinne (level 36)
Ken (43)
(also a Kiris and a Karin. Kiris is so cool)

As for Artefact
Uberius tooth
sigurd scythe
Time Matter
Bastion of Perlutia
Noble oath
Alexa’s Basket
Rhianna & Luciella

what should i do to progress in the game in the most efficent way?

Ooh, that’s a good roster. I’d rush Wyverns to W11 to farm level 85 Gear, which is what I did for okay performance in PvP modes. One of our people in-house who pulled Luluca six-starred and built her to about 80,000 CP, at which point she carries the team in Wyverns for very efficient farming. She, Sigret, Angelica/Angelic Montmorancy, and another free Hero like Alexa or Furious would work very nicely.

With that gear you can then build people for the next Hunt until you have a variety of sets to choose from, but Speed/Crit/Hit sets will work for a lot of Heroes and get you started off in other content.

i see, so equip have priority.
I will invest time on my angelica (i have her around lvl 30) and start hunting those wyvern!

oh one more thing. who should i promote to lvl 6? i was thinking tenebria because she is waifu, but vivian with time matter look like a strong weave clearer and so a good life improvment

You mean farmer/dog walker? Vivian is indeed good at that, but not the best. Honestly I’d go the waifu route with Tenebria-- I’m doing the same with fellow Fire Mage Aramintha actually (yes, I know the Arena is full of bulky Ice Heroes, but I have to 6* and +15 the bae)

Oh this is old, I already promoted tenebria. Now I am trying to get enought to promote either luluca or lilias, because I got lucky enought to get a second copy of both, so in not case I am 1 closer to the promotion.
One question, do I need to use all 5 5* to promote a hero at one time? Or are they saved? Because if the letter, I could improve their imprint now instead od waiting

Nah, you have to use the four 5* fodders at the same time as the Imprint dupe sadly. I’ve been sitting on an extra Bellona for weeks because of this >.>

And I will be sitting on the extra lilias to ( just promoted luluca)
Still can’t do the wyverns 11, I think I am stuck at 8, I will try agein once luluca reach lvl 60