So what theme or gimmick would you like in an event?

You know that the event have themes or gimmicks on them, been on story or gameplay, so let’s talk about them
I want a event in Fgo were we have the crypters that he already defeat as part of the even supporting cast, as a gudaguda event that don’t take himself seriously, i want to see Kadoc, Pepe, ophilia, Wodime been with us in a kinda comedic event, with fun interactions or situation
On situation that came to my mind:
Wodime: well the enemy is there in that abandoned building, so we need a plan
Mc: ok then…some ideas
Wodime: well first would be good consider what we have at our disposal…someone have seen Caenis?
Pepe: i’m looking her
Wodime: where is she? I don’t see her around us
Pepe: is there [points towards the abandoned building]
Wodime: …
Kadoc: i guess that we don’t have time to make a plan now, right?
Wodime: …
MC: don’t looks like it.

happy images with some crypters


Since I lack creativity I'll just go with the theme that the great prophet ReDrop came up with


Interesting, i would like that event.
I also remember that someone somewhere say the idea of a Idol thematic event

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Sure let’s just go full parody and have an event where we try and train up various servants to be idols. Unironically I would be down for that, seems like you could write hilarious and heartwarming things about that.

Realistically though it would just be the case that we’d only train up whoever ends up being the welfare servant if we ever did actually have that event.


I’m not sure if it was part of another event, since I mostly skip the cutscenes anyway but…

A Chaldea Talent Show would be pretty funny. Especially if you have to vote and eliminate certain contestants as part of the Main Quests (options and ACTUAL variations on the outcomes).

We can all imagine what Merlin’s “talent” is like… :fgo_buster:


I still want All the Statesmen 2 or something to add the other Riyo Servants to the game.

I really want Saber, Rider and Assassin to be added, mostly because i think it would be hilarious and i have no clue how Saber would even fight (since she is unborn).

And since Riyoverse is basically a joke, having the crypters and Olga Marie appearing isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.


I never thought I’d find myself crossing the fence into the MHX meme world but she won me over by demonstrating some luck rank EX herself last summer.

I would love some hilarious prequel story about MHXX and a clunky Cosmic Police fighting off some try-hard Old Gods wannabes. And one of those HAS TO be named Zorak.


Give me the Gorgon sisters themed Halloween event! Whilst I know that for money reasons they’d make the ssr/welfare be Medusa, I really want Euryale. I even made a Euryale (berserker) in the servant design thread.


I’m all for pepe being added

Would whale


Kogetsukan was what got me into FGO. So more narratively driven mystery events would be what I personally want to see more of.


Id love to see a Holy Grail War Event. Something where you attack other Masters Sections of the map with free quests n story lines. And for the final fight with the other Master/Servant it is a mini raid fight.

Be great to even let the player choose whichever part of the map they want to start in. But, once you choose you have to stick to that section of the map tell you defeat the Master and the Servant before choosing another.

Final Section is a Full Server raid where all the players battle the Boss Master and Servant for the right for the final grail. Story line could be made very dramatic just like previous grail wars.


I want Holy Food’s War instead!!!


BB puts us into a reality marble in which we married to servants and kiyohime tries to rescue us.
It would make people happy and gives us another chance to beat BB up.


Dear lord, please make this a thing.

A dating sim format, new costumes, and new My Room dialogue for the girl/guy/clay you romance for Valentine’s Day please.

If only there weren’t real-world constraints on time, money, phone memory, etc.!


Can we please get a Backspear boys Concert. I loved the little town Cu, diarmuid, Fionn, Karna, and Sasaki made. The main characters could bodyguards for them and we protect them while they’re on tour. They could have rival bands like Nero and Elizabeth.


As part of a plot, it’s necessary that summoning magic be performed by a huge number of mages who are contributing to some giant casting coordinated from Chaldea.

Players from all around the world are invited to record themselves in audio doing the summoning chants in their native languages and send them in to DW. Good ones are spliced together, with a dozen or two making the final cut. You get to hear the whole chant in a bunch of different languages as voicelines in the background while the cutscene plays.

Possible bonus: if you have an audio file of yourself on your device it’ll let you edit a few seconds of your own in there regardless of whether you “won” or not.


You know, “Padoru” doesn’t really have a French equivalent :thinking: