So, What Was Your Experience on the Blaze Banner...?

Dear Gamepress Arknights Community,

How did everyone do on the Blaze banner? For 30k Orundum, I felt like my pulls went pretty well…Though I am still feeling the bitter salt of not pulling Blaze.

For me, my notable pulls were Myrtle, Exusiai and Hellagur (Both in the same 10-pull!). Soon after, while begging the gatcha gods for waifu Blaze, I got another Orange-coloured bag! I was so happy! For once, I might finally get a character thay I’ve farmed all the ingredients for ahead of time! (Eyes toward Nero Bride, Scathach & Abigail)…In a unsurprising cruel twist of fate, Exusiai appeared again.

While I am salty that I didn’t get Blaze, I did get some very valuable operators, I finally got Myrtle and Exusiai will definitely be helpful…My question is to how useful Hellagur is? (Especially since CC just ended) If anyone has any tips on how to use him and where he is useful, I would like to ask that you please share.

So that was my Blaze banner experience (for now…), I will continue to pour all the orundum that I will receive after this, with hope that she’ll appear. Overwise, It’s been a good banner for me.

Please feel free to explain and describe your experience with the Blaze banner (Unload your salt if you wish to - Please keep it friendly though).

After deciding to exhaust all my distinctions to completely buy out all the headhunting permits, I ended up getting another 6-Star…A Shining Duplicate…Goddammit…Now I’m Salty…Featured Operater Rate should be 70% like FGO, Not 50%…

Approximate Total Pulls: 91

Thankyou for reading my thoughts, stay safe during quarantine


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Im having mixed emotions about the EX rank luck.

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I know me too! It was a nice rollercoaster of emotions that I experienced when receiving Luck in a unlucky way. Also due to my EX ranked luck in Arknights, I think I can kiss my Skadi (FGO) luck goodbye, 330 quartz is about to be sent down the drain :wink:

Pretty much drained everything on the Joint Operation banner and got myself Angelina and a dupe Silverash and a pair of Eyjafjallas, so I didn’t have anything left here. Not mad though, my strategy tends to be to explode the heck out of anything before it even gets to my melee guys (Saria & Hoshi to just hold everything there til they die), so she probably wouldn’t get as much use with me as with other Doktahs anyways.

As for your question on how to use Hellagur, he’s honestly pretty niche–although godly at it if you E2 him. He’s pretty good at soloing bosses, and you can use him on any maps where there’s a lot of lanes the enemy can take and there’s one that only has a few guys come one at a time - put him there and you don’t need to worry about positioning a healer or often any DPS to get into that lane. I imagine he’d do decently on either the top or bottom lanes of 6-2 (I think bottom probably, but I don’t recall exactly how it went).

Thankyou for the advice! I’ll look into some Hellagur comps.

I spent 18k. Got Skyfire, FEater, Executor and Texas for 5* or higher.
Congrats on getting Blaze!

I got Blaze and Grey but had to suffer through maxing the 4 star new sniper before they gave me either Blaze or Grey…sigh

45 rolls… I got 2 siege, Exusiai, Meteorite, Waai Fu, Kross, Melanthe, and no Blaze

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I rolled on my main several times no blaze. I was actually scared because I thought I click the wrong banner at one point since I got a Magellan and a Angelina dupe from a pull. I kept pulling again until I ran out of Orundum and got two blue bags which was really disheartening. I then got another Ch’en so she will soon be e2 lv 90 potential 6 which I have no idea how I should feel about that. On an alt account I got a Hellagur the first 10 pull and then a Nearl the second ten pull.

When i used my saved Orundrum i got:

Skadi, Scwhartz, 2x Skyfire and Greytroat in around 20-25 rolls.

Yesterday i got Blaze in a single roll