So when will gil come again?

I alerdy wasted all my SQ on his banner and I failed, i think single pulls will not be very effectis and cant really got to many SQ right now to try my luck more, so i want to ask when will gil come again on a banner?
Also I want to ask smth, I heard there are days when certain calss have higher chance to be summoned (not linked with normal rateup banners), if so, when is the best day to try go for him, or that is just a myth.

He should be back for New Year’s.

For a limited servant, Gil has a fair number of rate-ups, and you shouldn’t stress over not getting him the first time.

EDIT: Regarding your second question, you just gotta pay attention if Gil is sharing the banner with another SSR. You can tap the “Summon info” button on the bottom left to plan accordingly.
For example, in the current banner, there are a couple days Gil is featured alone, but some others when he’s sharing the rate-up with Nero Bride,


Gil has rate-ups fairly often (compared to other limited SSRs at least), I thiiiiink your next shot is around New Year’s.

Edit: Going by the trend in NA, I’m speculating he’ll come back sooner, at Thanksgiving.


I know it, but some people argued on a forum that certain classes (like for example archer) have a higher chance in certain days (based somehow on daily missions from what i understand), i think is not really accurate.
But honestly I’m so salty that i was able just before gil banner to get some good servants just with tickets but can’t get him with 10 rolls pulls, i wish there would be something like those paid gacha, but you can choose what servant you get. And is not just cause Gil is op (but honestly an AOE np that deal extra damage on servants making it almost good as an single target NP is kinda op), but more i just like that particullary servant (in a way completly not gay) … sorry I’m really salty.

So on New Year (which i suppose will be at the end of december?) will have his own banner or it will be shared with multiple SSR servants?

My wallet is ready, if there will be at least 60% to get him from guaranteed gacha. (if i know how Thanksgiving gacha works, is a only paid gacha with like 10 SSR servants that you are guaranteed to get one right?)

That just sounds like other summoning cabals, like the dancing, stripping, pulling 3+ silvers with FP, etc.
If it makes you think you have more chances of pulling a desired servant that way, then by all means try it, but it has no scientific backup.

And that’s just how the gacha is. You’re incredibly lucky one day; you waste just to end with some mediocre CEs another day.
Nothing wrong with liking Gil. He’s my favorite character from FSN after Cu. All the better if they also happen to be good in the game, but that’s just a bonus.

The banner should be in November (Thanksgiving) or January (New Year’s). As far as I remember, several limited SSRs will have solo rate-ups for a day or two during that campaign, so you can go all-in on Gil without worry.

I dunno why you feel like you have to qualify this? :confused:

Gil will be back either Thanksgiving or New Year’s…we don’t know. But he’s very popular and usually gets 2+ rate-ups a year, so you’ll get him eventually!

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For future reference, you can always check a specific servant’s rate-ups on their page on the FGO wiki under Campaigns. Add roughly two years to the JP dates for a reasonable estimate.

Unless you are talking about the class based summoning campaigns, then that is completely incorrect. There are no days in which a certain class is favored over any other. Further, as a limited servant Gil isn’t even in the summoning pool unless he has a rate up.

So complete myth.