So, who is being affected economically and socially by Coronavirus?

I don’t know about you but now thanks to the global exchange ratings because the new virus that powercrept the porcine fever from a few years ago, for me to buy the 42 quartz pack costs me 18 dollars more than normal, completely turning me off on buying premium pulls for Heroine X.

I know this is not a laughing matter. Thanks to some kind of panic news of sorts during her stay in the capital, my aunt is now in quarantined in her second home for 15 days until they can initiate the test. And some work positions have been frozen until commerce starts to flow again in my city, and mine is at risk at being frozen as well, with the possibility of even firing me until things calm down.

But it really sucks to at least not having the chance to pull for X, or at least Saber Nero.


Luckily not so bad here in Argentina, but it’s a mess since the country itself is a mess. Poor choices when it comes to education (“School keeps going for now, but that might change in the next 48 or 72 hours” literally saying they’re wating until something happens). Also universities are kinda stupid. They give advice on it but at the same time they do nothing about it.

It’s kind of a paranoia atm, even I feel a little uneasy about it. Economically it matters little I guess, we’re already screwed since way earlier, and when it comes to work… I’m not so sure, haven’t heard anything. My brother can work remotely though so that’s that. Churches might be put on hold most likely too.


Salavador and Belize aren’t in a good position either. Mexico is a mess as well, I worry for my family living in the capital. Specially with the president doing a lottery that is paid by the people’s taxes instead of just selling it.

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Schools are closing for 3 weeks, church suspended all in person meetings, grocery stores have lots of barren shelves, and there’s only been a couple cases in the entire state. Still mostly panic and hype around here still, but with a little one at home, better safe than sorry.


Yeah I’m worried more about my family rather than the whole situation… like I need public transport and it gets pretty crowded here, just the idea of unconsciously catching it and then spreading it is pretty scary to say the least.

I haven’t heard of food or resources being scarce in markets and stuff though, I think it’s just normal so far… not that we can actually buy that much at once, after all…


Stay safe and healthy in home until this stabilises. Play more, read more, and only go out to do groceries if needed. Those were the recommendations from the pandemic from 2009, and those still apply to this one.

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Mid East is pretty fine the places that aren’t actively imploding, economy is stable. There is a noticable increase in hand sanitizer and mask usage tho.
Most governments have put out warnings to wash your hands regularly and disinfect after public outings but that’s about it.


We were going to have a massive family reunion because of the Lent, or Cuaresma. Now it is cancelled. Best wishes to your family.

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Better safe than sorry, no need to take risks or being reckless. Best wishes to you aswell!

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In my local supermarkets all the sanitizer and masks are depleted. Second wave should arrive next week. The power of panic news at its finest. Hope your town stays in stability.

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Just wash your hands regularly and try to avoid contact with your face, trust me, I’m a doc.
This is what we get when all our news outlets profit off the mass hysteria. But at least the canned bean sellers are making some money now.
Stay safe friend!


One person that live near my complex suspected that them got infected by that virus. They had a contact with person who died (yesterday) because that C19

Now i just neeting all day in my home.
No sanitizer, no mask.

Damn i hate this.


Thanks for the tips. Stay safe as well, friend.

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And here I thought that I was having it bad. Stay at home and only go out for groceries when you need them.

Best wishes to you.

Well, a couple of days ago (or was yesterday?) I said at the Spanish thread that people were taking it super relaxed…

I take it back.

People came to the ER even for an allergy they took when cleaning their homes and are buying masks like there’s no tomorrow (where the hell they buy it?! That thing is expensive AF). And I got suspended because I’m a Type I diabetes until everything is resolved. Time to return to my hermit life.

All of that is done with the already common relaxed manner of Venezuelans.


My school just got closed until April 6th(literally got this info like less than 2 hours ago). Now we have to do online school.

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Oh yeah, masks. My neighbor is a nurse. Apparently the clinic caught their coworker stealing the masks and selling them for crazy money to paranoid people. Now all the masks are locked up and everyone has to get permission to use any. Just ridiculous.

A family member in my household is self isolating based on current medical advice in the UK.

Because of that, I’m having to take some time off work to help out. I’ll be splitting days off so I’ll skip Mon and Wed and go in Tue and Thu. I was supposed to be at a client’s premises today but they are ultra paranoid (they are in the printing industry and ship products worldwide) and asked me to stay away based on that. I don’t currently have symptoms - in case you are wondering - but idc about that, more concerned about others atm.


I’m an informal science educator… So basically my entire profession is cancelled for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, I’ve been practicing “social distancing” my whole life, so I’ve got this covered.


To be honest, I woke up with a sore throat today. My boss told me to stay home, and I told my parents I can’t come this weekend for my brother’s birthday. My mom has cancer and her immune system is compromised – it would kill me if she gets it from me and dies from it because I didn’t take it seriously enough.

What sucks the most is not knowing. Even living in a big city with the largest medical center in the US, we don’t have a lot of available tests so there’s no way they’d waste one on me because I don’t even have a fever. But I just want to know if I’m a danger to my mom. So I guess I’ll sit here and wait and isolate myself from my family for 2 weeks for what could be just a simple sore throat.