So who's gonna tell them?

I doubt this was done to improve her performance.


Reject meta score boosting skills. Embrace stat boosts and only the stat boosts.


Guess he really needed those extra HP.

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It may not help her scoring but I actually think this is a better choice than her native Fury 4

She has DR from Prescience and having extra HP is great for that (it also lets her heal more with Maiden’s Solace). Are there better A slots? Absolutely. But there are way worse ones, too




Tbf… both of them don’t have built in Duel effect

Tho they do hit 180 bst

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Yeah but at least with Thorr I didn’t do the math first. I mean… I had/have no one else who’d care to use it but still.

Tikian was just a gift cuz she’s the best little trick or treater out there and SS’d her stats are literally ridiculous.

Who wins in a fight… your H.Tiki… or my HF.Grima

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Whoever initiates loses.

Grimeow’s infliction/insta special and WTA is a death (as long as she’s using her Prf… And especially so if you gave her wrath) and Tikian’s wrath/effectiveness is a Megadeth.

But if you used blackfire, Tikian would double and win on initiation.

What the typical build you use on Tiki cuz with A/S Catch 4 DW and D/R Menance and Death Blow Tiki’s only doing 30 damage on initiation in a 1v1, but when Grima initiates Tiki does 17 + 16 damage… both cases Grima lives, when Tiki initiates she dies but if Grima initiates Tiki lives with 4 hp

Edit: I changed Death Blow out for A/S Solo to make use of EP but doesn’t change much

DS D Wall D/R menace, Atk/Res solo. I only use wrath in 1v1 cases, other times I’ll use wall since she gets up to 54 effective Res with all the buffs and shit.

Out of Light season my Grima gets full 40% Dr from DW from anything that has 63 incombat Res when she’s unbuffed

Meh, I think Fury 4 is equally good for her at worst. It still helps her survive the first combat and end below 50% if she doesn’t use her assist first. Not to mention, you don’t have to fodder anything if you just use that. Still highly doubt they gave her that because they thought “oh, this would be functionally better even if she already scores higher”.

It was a full +10 Micaiah team with premium skills, so yeah, probably had better options for her if they wanted.

Edit: Also, if they’re going for Spd to make her forced follow-up harder to ignore, all the more reason to just keep Fury 4 over that.

The Duel has better survivability since you don’t have to worry about chip damage, the only time you’d want chip damage is typically when running WoM dancers

Or… if you have an effect that requires lowering your HP like she does? And the extra HP isn’t always gonna be better either, maybe with the extra +2 she wins an encounter. Just feels like a complete waste if you’re gonna bother giving her other A skills.

Well you see multiple people in this thread have given faves pointless Duel skills so :feh_lucyshrug:


This screams whale mentality to me.

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No need to call us all out like that Stares at my Spd build Legendary Edelgard and Fallen Edelgard

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Well, if they knowingly have their faves perform worse, that wokrs in my favor anyway.