So yah about the new Gamemode

You don’t even have to attack to get the rewards for beating the boss’

GG IS thanks for the free orbs


That may just be because the boss was beaten in under 24 hours. Or it could be just “hey this happens” because that can happen.

Either way I suspect that the trend of bosses dying quickly is going to continue, so I expect it to be a moot argument.

Still I’d throw in support when available just for the daily rewards, though they did say same deal if all 3 bosses go down fast.
This may be the most boring game mode so far, but hey, “free money.”


I didn’t log in all day yesterday on my f2p account so thats really the only reason I hadn’t did any support in it… but yah I’d expect if the boss dies 2 times and you didn’t grab the rewards for the first kill you wouldn’t be able to collect it…

Calling it a game mode is a stretch


free orbs the game mode.


Its like VG where you get cucked for having a life :feh_hecstare:

But free orbs are free orbs.


I honestly do Not understand this game Mode.
I usually dont waste time reading tutorial or explanations and learn by doing but I feel like… There is nothing to do.
I just send pictures of running men where the highest Bonus number is and that’s it.
What are the shield for? I don’t know. And I don’t need to know cause I get rewards either way and im ranked rather high even.

Most confusing game mod yet.
I Would say it’s unnecessary but easy rewards so it can stay I guess. I rather get rewards for nothing than tedious grinding.


literally i just press funy flier and sometimes shield and it hasn’t failed yet

Sheilds make it so that you win that round no matter what from what I read. So if a unit has 1% success rate and you use a sheilds it’s essentially 100%. Basically they are for late round rewards in higher tiers.

You’re all saying this is convoluted, but my brain always melts every time I see the Mjolnir Strike Counter screen with the numbers and stuff

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