So yah

Maybe I will just go and +10 2 copies of her… I mean I’m already half way to a second one

Both of those 5* copies are also +Res so works for me


Yeah build a blue tome mage tank, i might do the same if i get more Echidna copies.
I might build an AR defense team made of Echidnas.

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But my Already +10 Ilyana is already a mix tank… sure the extra 4 Res will help… but not by much outside of scoring

But yah if I do build a second one she will be exclusively Mage tank while my +Spd is mix tank


Yes having a unit so versatile allows you to run different builds and you can focus on one phase or another, and also mixed.

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What is your feather count?

Not high right now… after spending 200k on the first +10 Ilyana and another 60k for Petrine im only at 11k atm

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I’d keep them, and wait till you have nothing else you wish to make.

well… that was the plan since +10ing a second copy of her isn’t really thst necessary atm besides to show my love for her… but I need to save feathers to +10 Petrine in a few months when she gets into the grail shop

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I will send you a few hundret thousend from my feather stock xD

Why are you still summon on this banner? :D You have allready finish your target - +10 Ilyana. Or am i wrong?

I was going to stop… but wanted a few more Gatrie’s… but sadly only got 1 more… but thats fine since Kjelle was able to steal everything to Gatrie’s name with only 2 merges… so I think I’m good know… I’ll wait until I get pitied by him to give Oboro and Altena his lance… and a few of the Armors that I like his B skill