Soft reset?

So i’ve read the battle villa guide and there’s this soft reset mentioned here and there. What is this refer to?

A soft reset is something you can do in the main Pokemon games that’s basically a quick way to reset your game, and people usually use it for getting shiny legendaries

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Not sure, but this might refer to you being very very close to losing a match and immediately closing the app, rebooting the game and when it asks you whether you want to resume that stage, you say no so all the data in that match is deleted, AKA a pretty good way of rolling back something like a misplay.


Ah, that might be it.
I didn’t even considered that is a thing.
Need to wait to check it out though

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You don’t need to close out the game to do a soft reset. Just leaving the match does the same thing, and you can retry basically instantly.
It helps if you made a mistake or you need an ability to activate that isn’t always consistent (like MP Refresh)


The guide writer is referring to exiting the Battle before it finishes, so so can fight again or even change your Mons with no consequences.

Separately, daily your 9 Mons used reset, and all their health and move counts reset. Then every 2-weeks all BV progress resets.