Soleil Vs Chrom

Backstory time! Back in Drusselstein- er, no, back in 2018, Soleil was my 2nd ever completed +10 and has always been a favourite since Fates. Who can’t love a cute lesbian flirt? Since those heady days when she was the best accessible sword around, she really fell off and even when her prf did finally come along, it wasn’t great and mine still runs Armoursmasher.

Enter Arcane [gibberish] and now she has a chance to really be good again. I got Lif and a second Hilda but would wait until Lyn is on a double special heroes banner to try for her. Could also go for Shield Pulse and Atk/Spd Solo seal to set up easier.

Effective stats of 56/81/73/44/40 once Spd Smoke is in play.

So that’s question one: the build. Velocity or Shield Pulse? Vital Astra/TP maybe? Any suggestions welcome.

Onto part 2: I already have this guy.

Effective stats of 66/82/73/59/40 against the menaced foe on enemy phase. Almost the same but a lot more Def and swapping a DR for healing special. The man carries most of my abyssal battles and true soloed Corrin’s.

While I do like Chrom, I like Soleil more but I’m always chronically short on fodder so don’t want to end up with two infantry swords who are basically the same. Is she different/improved enough from him to be worth it?

If I don’t go for her, I’ve other candidates for the Arcane [gibberish].


Only +5 currently but I hope to finish her this winter. Assuming she’s not still passed out on the floor somewhere which I assume she must have been to cost me 400 orbs for only 6 copies. Don’t judge the B skill, I’ve nothing else I can give.


Effective stats of 50/84/42/77/50 against the menaced foe and I would love to do this for her as she’s deserves as much attention and love as her granddaughter. And better art, come on Muspell fire dancer resplendent.

That was wordy so thanks for reading. Any help welcome.


Well, with Chrom having DC, they’re already different as he’s a mixed phase tank while Soliel is a player phase unit or just melee tank.

Also velocity is much better than shield pulse for consistent special charging, as guard will completely mess you up otherwise.

Finally Soleil has NFU (psuedo NFU from her weapon) while Chrom does not (only stops follow ups, does nothing for his own follow ups) so that’s also a point in her favor.

TLDR they seem different enough to me that you could build both, but then again that’s coming from the guy who built 3 infantry red mages (from Elibe)


First of all

Now, onto the discussion. I agree with Help, Chrom having DC differentiates himself enough from Soleil that you can build both and still get use out of them. Soliel’s build looks pretty good. Soleil attacks, enemy retaliates, Soleil activates GR, FB gets it ready for the first combat of Enemy Phase. All in all, looks good!


Soleil: good candidate. Just realize that since her weapon isn’t granting her any Spd, she will be outsped by anyone with a moderately good Prf and similar visible Spd. Still a force to be reckoned with.

Chrom: good candidate but focus entirely on Atk/Def, don’t go for a mixed build. With the GFU/DFU effect that will offer him more options by comparison to sealed falchion. But play to his strengths: unlike Soleil who could match Spd with other godswords, Chrom will not. So bulk him up and let the GFU/DFU effect offer the threat.

Manuela: best option for an armor. With arcade ejaculator she acts exactly like B!Hecc, but she has the natural Spd to deny follow ups past the DFU effect similar to A!Fjorm. No lie, if you use her to any extent, you will not regret that investment.

Olivia: meme. Just… Meme.

Suggested builds:


True but amma still wanting to do it. Not like she’ll ever have a sword to call her own. She is bottom of the list, I’m not so daft as to think that’s the best use of it, but if I ever get 3 of these swords, she’s getting the last one.

Thanks for the reminder on Hardy Fighter. Forgot that existed.

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She’s also a great user of savvy fighter, but hardy will allow her to negate lethality/deadeye and let the natural GFU and Atk boost from arcade deal the damage back.

And I totally get it. If Olivia is a favorite of yours, I have no authority to tell you not to give her all the toys. I’d just prioritize the other 3.


I’d pick Manuela, then Soleil if you manage to get a second Líf. Soleil is quite different from Chrom as others pointed out and I feel like giving him the Arcane sword is an opportunity cost when Sealed Falchion is very good and doesn’t need a “better” weapon.
Gotta say, Arcane Éljúdnir on the hands of a Nohrian swordfighter is quite good design-wise.

For Olivia, she’s way better equipped with Florid Cane+.


if you want her to have canto, sure. but i wouldn’t say she’s "way better with it over the new sword. Olivia has pretty good bulk for a dancer (she’s actually pretty close to Mira in defensive stats). so with this weapon she could be kinda chonky to take down.



Yeah, but a dancer is pretty much always going to use their turn dancing–otherwise you would have brought a better combat unit.

Of course there are rare occasions when you would want them to attack rather than use their turn dancing, but that’s a pretty niche scenario compared to canto after dance, which is going to be a lot more generally relevant.

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Running Olivia in the summon simulator against the full list at +10 (ignoring ranged) with enemy initiating does give some fun results.



And looking at some of the inconclusives.

Alright, it’s hardly real world scenarios given everything is just running their base kits but the launch sword unit is coming out of a fight better off than Seiros and triggers L!Fae’s Life Unending.

A dancer with canto is certainly good, and probably more useful all in all, but a dancer who can survive so much, allowing them to wall of fragile mages or such, certainly has a role. She is bottom of the list for inheriting Arcane [gibberish], but she would be fun with it.

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again. not really. it just depends on how you play. i am simply pointing out that Olivia would like Florid Cane +. She’s not better equipped with it. I have my Azura Prime built for galeforcing so she can attack, galeforce, and potentially dance someone. (I know someoe who has Sylvia built the same way).

Dancers don’t just have to be used for dancing. like like healers just don’t have to heal


What kind of build do you have on her for that. Curious as I’d love to invest more into mine.

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Lance: Ninja Katana
A Skill: Flashing Blade 4
B Skill: Wings of Mercy
C Skill: I think spd smoke 3?

if i can get it i want her to get frenzy (since it’s despo dr). and a better supportive C skill.

for her “I’m just a dancer”
I wlll give her allied lance , joint distant guard and closeguard in C.

(and for AR she will have wagasa).

i ned 2-3 more copies so she can be done, but i have to hope i can get lucky off free pulls because my orbs are tied up for the rest of the year.

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