Soloing Deoxys-A

Should I relobby with my B team or quickly Max Revive my A team?

Your B team is fine, although I would hesitate to use Gengar at all, given the numbers involved.

If you shift your tyrants from team B into the spots vacated by your Gengar from team A, you shouldn’t have to re-lobby at all, I reckon.


True. Tyranitar is the absolute master in deoxys-a raids, given the different movesets. Gengar won’t survive a single Dark Pulse, but if you really wan’t to use it, keep the first one to land 1 or 2 shadow balls before faint. Let tyras do the rest

I’m dropping my leading Gengar for solo purposes - just too fragile and forces a relobby. With Gengar, Giratina, Giratina, Weaville, Weaville and TTar I had to relobby and shove an extra TTar in taking me to 57 secs left on the clock. Switching the Gengar out should get me over a minute left with luck.

I’m doing the exact same thing and booting Gengar off the Attack Deoxys solo team. It was singlehandedly responsible for a relobby, so it’s getting benched. Sorry, Gengar lol.

Your teams are just fine. Keep on mind though, you will relobby almost 100% of the time. If I were you, I’ll re-arrange some of your mons for both teams like this, trying to reach the highest DPS possible:

Team A: SC Gengar/Lk Gengar/Hx Gengar/Weavile/Houndoom/Giratina.
Team B: Tyranitar (4x)/Cacturne/Shiftry

Although, Cacturne and Shiftry are so glassy and they look like are in mid 27-30’s? With 4 Tyranitar on front they’ll never get into the raid but I think it’s for the better. Cause T-Tars are so tanky against all Deoxys Attack-Forme sets, but Zap Cannon. Try to dodge the most charged moves you can, especially with Gengar.

Fast moves:

Zen Headbutt: Gengar will suffer a lot with these. They’ll die by 5 ZH but Dark-types will tank them for years.

Poison Jab: All the way around. Gengar will tank them forever, while Dark-types (Specially T-Tar) can take them without much issues.

Charged moves:

If it has Psycho Boost: If you dodge using Gengar, they’ll take 40% HP for each hit, they’ll survive without much trouble. Weavile takes less than 20%, while T-Tars take almost no damage even without dodging.

If it has Dark Pulse: DON’T USE GENGAR. They’ll die on two this even if they dodge. Switch to Weavile and Houndoom in that case. Giratina-O can tank some if it dodges, while T-Tars are safe no matter what.

If it has Zap Cannon: It takes a while for Deoxys-A to pull them off, so it’s safe to dodge with any of the Pokemon of your team. Giratina-O can tank them but only a few.

Thanks for all the responses! Swapping my SC Gengar with a Tyranitar could not prevent relobbies in both my solo attempts, but I was nevertheless successful with around 50 seconds to spare against Zap Cannon and 25 seconds to spare against Psycho Boost.

Would a level 30 Scizor with FC/XS be better than the Hex Gengar, Cacturne and/or Shiftry (all also level 30)?

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Question for you guys here about doing this solo. I am going to attempt it as soon as I get the chance. However, I don’t have much of a community and have only ever actually done 1 tier 5 raid ever. I have done plenty of tier 3 and below solos, but, I have always completed it before all my pokemon have fainted. What is the 'relobbying" process like when you are solo? In the one tier 5 I have done, I did faint out and had to come back in with 6 new ones. Does that happen when you are by yourself? I thought that you just fainted out and it was over? Can anyone explain what a solo relobbying actually entails? Thank you!

It’s not really any different to what happened in the Tier 5 raid. You’re returned to the lobby and can select another team, or heal your fainted ones, all the while the timer is ticking down.

What will happen though, is if nobody is actively fighting (e.g. what will happen if you feint during a solo attempt) is that the boss will heal a little. If you think your B-Team can handle what’s left, go back in immediately with that. If not, quickly heal up your A-Team.

Relobbying solo is just like relobbying with a group - you go back to the team selection screen, and you can either heal up or bring in a new team - and then you rejoin the fight which is already in progress.

The only difference with relobbying solo is that, whenever there’s nobody actively fighting the boss, it will start to heal. The longer you spend in the lobby, the more it will heal. If you spend too long healing your own team back up, you’ll be unlikely to win the fight. That’s why it helps to have a backup team ready to swap in.

It’s also worth mentioning, for the future, that this can also happen with a large group. If you have three accounts, and they’re all in the lobby at the same time, then the boss will start to heal. The more people you have playing, though, the less likely that is to happen.

Awesome. Thank you very much. Yeah, I’ve got enough viable counters according to the Gamepress article on the solo raid to have an A and a (decent enough B) team for Deoxys Attack forme. Gonna try to do it during raid hour tonight! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow haha. I have checked discord for my area and there are people but its like a good hour north of me where they raid and it just isn’t possible for me to travel that far with my situation with time/transportation. Sucks. This game is definitely more enjoyable with other people to play with. Oh well. I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to get the rewards from this tier of raid and then it’s back to my Machamp and Mawile raids lol. Thanks, again.

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I just wanted to share that I was able to solo a PJ/PB with out having to relobby with about 64 seconds left with a team of Weavil, Houndoom, Ttar x4.

awsome wht level were they

Agghhhh…first time tried Deoxys Atk with exactly that moveset (saw none before that) and got seriously rekt with my 2 sub L30 Giratinas, a L34 Ttar, a L26 Weavile, a L32 Honchkrow and a L32 Houndoom. Had to relooby and barely cleared with 10 seconds left.

It went well, guys! I’m at work so I can’t post pics, but, it feels good to do my first “real” raid. That other tier 5 I did had so many people in the lobby it was like I didn’t have to do anything. LOL. I just used a team of 5 Tyranitar with Bite/Crunch (all over level 30) and my shiny Houndoom. Didn’t even make it to the Houndoom. Thanks for the heads up about the relobbying, guys.

The houndoom, Weavil, and 1 Ttar are in the 32-35 range and the other 3 Ttars are maxed. The tars are 96, 93, 88, 72(caught a high lvl and evolved to see what movement I would get), Weavil is 91, and houndoom is 89.

The first one I did yesterday had DP and I opened with Gengar. I had to relobby and did it with 17 seconds left.

i can solo with my alt acount ive only used for 5-6 months 1 tyranitar level 36.5 iv 44/45 2 level 30 ivs 39, 42
1 tyranitar level 29 shiny iv 37 and 1 weavile level 37 i am level 35 on alternate

Today, I did another three Deoxys-A solos.

The first had Psycho Boost, which I dodged with my Gengar, and I ended up winning with almost 80 seconds to spare.

The second had Dark Pulse, which I did not dodge at all, and I had to relobby twice. I got the “Time’s Up!” message with ten seconds left and its health at virtually zero. On my second try, dodging with my Giratina, I won with twenty seconds to spare.

The third also had Dark Pulse and, with dodging, I won with about thirty seconds left.

I swapped my L30 Gengar with one of the Giratina’s to try and avoid relobbying. And yes I still failed because my dodging is extremely poor.