Soloing mordred?

So I currently working on camelot (da vinci scene is pretty dumb imo), and succesfully cleared 7-3 and 7-4 without using command spell, my set up for those nodes are :
Waver ( support), fujino, hijikata, mash, tomoe, and euryale.
When I run those fight I impressed with fujino’s performents, she was able to survive about 3 np hits from mordred ( the aoe np, waver and hijikata already picked out) until the final critical blow from tomoe, seeing this I got a vague idea to try soloing mordred using fujino and now I hesitating which ce should I use, support servant, and the mystic code.

Firstly about which ce should I use on fujino ( she is lvl 80, and her skills are 7/4/5 ), sadly I don’t have dmg up, starting np gauge, and np strenght up hybrid like aerial drive, golden sumo, and H night supper, so my most possible option ( that come to my mind ) is kscope, C great sea of stars ( like verdant sound but with 15% np gain), dante’s file ( 10% arts/buster hybrid with 10% np gain), 3 great heroes, and pharaoh xocolatl. I have another mlb 3 star ce alternative but not as efficient as I had mentioned.

Secondly the ready to die servants, I mostly picked the battle of camlann ce but non mlb unfortunately so another option is ox demon king or D princess of the storm, as support I would choose low level to sacrifice at the beginning of battle.

And finally about the mystic code, I think the most suited one is atlas academy uniform, or is there any alternative?
How do you think?.

Well put my problem aside, have you ever try to soloing mordred? or maybe another boss, nodes, or even challenge quests?, let me know in this topic.

Yeah. Cu (Alter) with Atlas can do it, and so can Tesla, Ishtar, Gil. I used Ishtar while steamrolling through Part 1 on my alt. Atlas is often the best pick for solos, with something like Art of Death or Golden Sumo on the carry (although the Ishtar had Aerial Drive in my case which still worked for damage racing). AD is what I see used on Fujinon from a quick YT glance. For the taunters you want Camlann/Empieta.

And, yeah, soloing is a frequent cheese strategy for wide swathes of the game, it’s how you get stuff like fresh accounts with barely a unit over 60 completing CQs, or rushing through all of Part 1 and up to Part 2 Chapter 4/5/5.2 within the span of a week or less. If anything with proper know-how it’s just the most reliable, safe strategy out there for practically anything.

I take it as you are trying to tackle it with your own Fujino? Anyway, damage-dealer solo CEs are generally Sumo or Art of Death. But with amount of HP. of Camelot Mordred there should be a lot of leeways with using suboptimal CEs.

Solo MCs are default, Atlas and Anni Blonde genereally, but Anni Blonde is limited/need RP (kinda annoying since Anni Blonde is ideal MC for Castle of Snow Herc).

For Fujino vs Mordred specifically I would actually recommend default. 3000 HP heal is quite significant when you have class advantage, and you can burst her down with a big NPBB with default attack buff such that skills CD doesn’t really matter.


Yes that’s right I’m talking about my own fujino

I think you’re talking about one turn buff decision here, so is it a good idea to immediately bursting her at the second turn ?, or maybe np gain ce would be better?, my ce choice is limited as already I mentioned above.