Solomon 12-2 and on, I need advice


After being sad… now I need to clear Solomon 12-2 and then the other fight after this one but welp.
I just read the description and mmm It sounds impossible to me atm… unless there is a support that can carry me through this.

**** I made another post, the other one was getting a bit long >.>

This here is what kind of scares me haha


It should be a bit easier since you take less damage and you do more attack, did you read all the text for 21-2 and on?

It’ll hurt sure, but it won’t kill you. It’ll do about 6-8k dmg to each of your characters. Not completely terrible, but not something to overlook either. So just make sure your Mash gets her defense buff up for everyone and it shouldn’t even be that bad.

Edit: Oh and by the way, I totally half-assed a fight against Georgios in CCC. I only borrowed gramps but i managed to deplete both of his Break Bars, first with 330k, and last with 220k or something like that… lol. Only my Jeanne and Nero were alive at the end.


The sad part is Mash… man… and because of that I cant use her


Oh duh… I’m thinking of something completely different. Please excuse my brainfart because i just thought you were in Babylonia. ^facepalm^

ANYWAY, bond 10 herc can solo this guy, why don’t you look that direction? lol. I know when i went through this guy i used a Saint Quarts to get through it T_T


Heracles eh mmm welp to find someone like that is gonna be interesting XD
ill see what i can find >.>


Mephisto 3rd skill+David 2nd skill troll his nuke totally, bro.

But you can comand spell it (it was likely the intention of the programmer) or just fight with the backline till the end.

He has such a absurd hitcount you will NP spam almost every 2 or 3 turns…


I’ve got a bond 10 Herc. Level 80 7/6/6, so he’s not top of the line, but he should do. Bond CE isn’t equipped because event. But if you give me a heads up, I can fix that.

ID is 474,423,039.

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I just sent request >.> .


Just put your dps and supports on backline and sacrifice frontline. This is a fight where people usually use 3 servants since Geotia 1st turn NP is unavoidable. You can stun him but he still will fired his NP next turn. Just put some debuffer on frontline to weaken him before he fired that NP so your dps and support have some breathing line for 2 more turns.

You can only get serious during 4th turn since he also have NP damage reduction and Critical damage reduction for 3 turn. Just plan your move well and you will win(raising a death flag behind)


Also you can use ur command spells or sq (if needed) to beat him. I had to use all three command spells to revive my team and I was sick of testing different team comps. Find someone with a bond lvl 10 herc with his CE helps a lot.


Accepted the request and put his bond CE on. Let me know when you’re done with the fight so that I can put an event CE back on him


thanks, I ended up using 1 Sq >.> but welp i dont regret it ._. I was short one more live XD for the guts , thanks man

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No problem. Glad to hear you made it


@Dorexx Great! Now for when Goetia is a sore loser, all you have to do is survive for ten turns! xD


I did it XD , Happy knowing mash is ok :D


Yep… To think that fluffball would reveal itself and make itself a nonissue without reserve. So much for that Beast… I actually savored the moment Goetia reduced his own HP to one for about a minute before finishing the fight. I almost regretted the fact that Goetia died without too many regrets.

You have a bit of catching up to do if you’re doing CCC. You’re two acts behind and you’ll need a few apples to catch up as is since there’s another day before Act III is opened up to general consumption. I’ll tell you right now, some of these bosses are rough. I had to pull a revive when i faced off against ‘WANTED Archer’… damn AoE NP…


I started the BB event yesterday night after getting trough Solomon, spent my ap and went to sleep >.> . today i just did the same. mmm I am following this guide


I’m following the one on gamepress, haha. I’m making sure i get BB though, I’ll burn all my damn apples to make sure of it. I’m already pissed i missed rolling so much only to end up failing to get Melt… I’d rather have her NP2 than Lip NP5…


I got melt and Lip, but i spent money >.> I just couldn’t resist <.<


Ah, and i managed to get NP2 Tomoe Gozen too, though that i almost wanted to face palm over, she’ll be available in the general summon pool, making her completely unwanted. I probably won’t get to ascending her for a long time. I already need another 21 Eternal Gears to ascend everything i want before i focus on things I want just for niche use.

Lucky you… Melt clearly wants me to suffer more…