Solomon anime Movie confirmed, coming on Fgo 6th anniversary


Please dont suck


Well it’s animated by cloverworks so I’m actually rather impressed with the animation quality in the trailer

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Also I’m disappointed it’s a movie as they’ll probably cut content and modify the original plot to fit the limited duration like what they did with Camelot


Unlike Camelot this one actually fits into a movie format though and the animation looks good, i look forward to it.


is that a new mystic code for 6th anniversary :fgo_jeannyes: that dead space vibe though

I am actually shocked that they are making this as a movie and not OVA. It is relatively short so why would they drag it out to the 1.5hr movie length?


I’m looking forward to all our allies from the singularities joining us for one last reunion which will probably be the only time some characters will appear in anime form


To make money

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Also outbreak never fails to give me goosebumps.


My hopes for a SR ticket this year has risen with the announcement of this movie


I suppose more so than OVA, but do these fgo movies actually bring in that much cash? I didn’t think they are these box office smash hits

too bad that version hasn’t been used in the game :fgo_insane: I still remember the disappointment when I first heard that during the fate anniversary trailer and proceed to lookup the OST version

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I don’t think that is going to be too drastic, after all Solomon is a fairly short singularity

Still it’s a surprise they’re releasing 3 movies in the span of less than a year, I thought this would come next year at the very earliest

Ritsuka looks as bland as he did in babylonia but at least it is not that bad when animated compared to the visual novel style of the game.

What pains me the most is how long I have to wait for it to become available for non japanese audiences, I haven’t even seen heavens feel 3 or the demon slayer movie yet.

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Well is made for a different studio so isn’t that surprising to me, i mean, i less then a 11 mounth we have/going to have 4 movies, HF3, Camelot 1, Camelot 2 and Solomon

solomon’s actual plot is incredibly short. if anything they might ADD stuff (like romani/marisbury content) to fit into a movie


It genuinely looks pretty good. I’m a bit weary as to how they’ll manage the story, but judging by the trailer we might get some Solomon backstory. I’m very excited! Though the Babylonia anime had some flaws, it was mostly good.

I’ll put some faith in Cloverworks :fgo_ereshpeek:


Well the Pillars look the way I hoped they would, so that’s nice

New Mystic Code when :fgo_insane:


Aren’t both of those available to non-Japanese audiences though?

Do you mean non-American maybe?

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