[solved] Limited banner

hello people, idk if someone else asked this but this is the problem:

i dont have rosmontis or w, but id like to, i already got nearl in the new banner, is it worth to continue pulling or i should save for other banner?

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Honestly, I think you should continue pulling. The chances of getting those two aren’t particularly high, but you would have have to wait awhile for another chance to arrive. Plus, more potential for an Alternate is always good! :ak_okaydokay:

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Depends. How many pulls have you made already and how many more pulls do you have?

The chance of getting them is low. If you can hit 300, and you like them enough to potentially throw in that many rolls to just buy them from the shop, then go ahead. If not, then save 300 rolls for the next time they come around (next year unfortunately).

If you can’t hit 300 then it depends on whether or not you like them enough to risk however many rolls you have left.


ty for the responses guys.

i know that the chances are tiny, my other targets are ling and lee but they are far away events, thats why i am questioning myself if i should continue or stop

i got like 70 pulls but i am already out of orundum and tickets

anyways thanks again for the responses.

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Just in case you aren’t aware, the Lunar New Year events, which we get during our half-anniversary, is expected to hit global at the end of July. So these two are a little under 3 months away so they aren’t that far away.

An F2P player can get roughly 2 multis per month, depending on how much Orundum they can get from Annihilation since it runs from 1200 to 1800 depending on progress.

So keep this in mind if you’re planning to roll for Ling and Mr. Lee.

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