[Solved] Pudding Module Mission 2-10

I need advice how to clear it. Only used pudding as my attacker and diffusion current is on, but somehow the heavy defender kills doesn’t count?

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Just to make a quick check of some of the obvious possibilities to make sure.

  • it wasn’t practice mode, right?
  • she landed the killing blow?
  • the skill was still active when they died?
  • the stage was cleared without any leaks?
  • you weren’t using a borrowed Pudding from support?

Yes all checks out. But as for the killing blow, it is hard to tell whether the mission requires me to kill them using diffusion current (as in killed by the bounces) or the direct attacks count too. If it is the former, then is there any strategy to make sure direct attacks don’t hit the defenders?

(to clarify, my basic strategy is use gravel to stall the first defender. Put cuora near the entrance and pudding on top face down. When the 2nd defender comes, remove gravel and let both of them walk towards cuora. Activate cuora skill so she doesn’t accidentally kill the defenders, then activate pudding’s diffusion current)

Sounds like that should count for a kill.

Does it say on the module page that she didn’t kill them?

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yes the mission still stays at 0/1 after i did those steps, just can’t figure out what went wrong there…

Have you tried doing the stage again?

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Could you post a screenshot of the module requirements page? That could help a bit more?


Screenshot as posted

tried a few more times today, unable to get it.


From GamePress, I assume this is correct

Just to be sure, you’re doing 2-10, not S2-10?

And this enemy

With skill 2


Ah… thanks for reminding me to double check everything. Turns out to be a very silly mistake… I changed to diffusion current in the operator page but forgot to change it in the battle prep page. Very sorry for that.

Thanks all of you guys for trying to help :grinning:


Well, just glad the issue got solved. :fgo_bbsmile:


Been there, done that. Yeah it couldn’t be anything but a silly mistake, as I couldn’t find similar problems online.

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