[SOLVED] Summer Event - Main and Extra Quests NOT UNLOCKING

I’m in Day 2 and have more than required Motivation and Imagination but the quest is still locked.
Is there something omitted in the guide?

You don’t have enough technique

It doesn’t require technique. Sorry, I didn’t specify which quest: I want to get Gilgamesh’s Spiritron Dress, and it needs only 400k Motivation and 150k Imagination.

Sorry my mistake for not reading fully.

Do you have any main quests left? If you do then you have to clear them and loop back.

No, the next main quest is on day 3.

Do one more Extra Quest

That wouldn’t make it night?

Then I really can’t see why it isn’t open for you yet unless you cleared the main quest during this exact day phase in which case you need to loop.

Must be a bug.

welp, I will try looping again.

Well, I returned to confirm that the event bugged :)
I need only 550k Influence to unlock the next main quest, the one I mentioned previously. I’m already at the 3rd night with 711k and it’s locked.
I will change the title so more people come and help.

Looped 2 times and it worked. Not sure what the hell happend with the game. I will close the thread | Edit: Don’t know how, so yup.