"Solved: Thanks, guys!" Which of these Operators deserve to be E2 first?

**Results: So by a very small margin Kal’tsit wins followed very closely by Specter. These two are the winners and they are going to be my focus for the next several days while I farm only LMD (finally, the materials dropped consecutevely) which is the only thing I lack to make them E2. Once again, thanks for your insight and have a good one.

Note: How really strong is Saga? I made a single YOLO for Carnelian and…

I love this game! This gacha and Azur Lane have been so good to me… but as a small fish that only buys the monthly pack when I can farming for things is slow as hell :ak_laughinglappy::ak_sad:

So as every experienced Doctor knows, material, chips and LMD hell are real and right now I am experiencing it. Sometimes you raise to E2 your favorites, and other times you raise them for the meta. But what happens when you want to raise multiple operators who happen to be both (mostly) and even if your farm the most efficient T3 exclusive material spots they simple won’t drop?

Well, in my case I want to maximize my returns and see immediate improvement on my team power while I slowly build back everything that I have lost to get deeper in more despair while trying to E2 the next one. So without further ado, here is the list:

-Kal’tsit: You know her, some of you love her. This harmacist summons an alien like thing that can do a lot of things. Right now its second skills makes it a quick guard redeploy and I hear that Skill 3 can do insane amounts of damage and tanking.

-Gladiia: Not only she pairs well with Nuclear Singer Skadi for more attack buff while being in her area of buffing, which in return Gladiia grants her more hp regeneration for being an abyssal hunter, she also has a relatively low cost, can block two enemies and her redeployment isn’t as bad because of it. There are times where her skill replaces the need of using ranged guards and her small window of stalling when her pull doesn’t put closer to her heavy enemies while my ranged dps have more time to land hits or kill them has been helpful for me so far. She clashes with Kal’tsit for materials as well, making it harder for me to choose one of them.

-Ceobe: I want to E2 her for the fact that not only her skill 2 will make more damage with her improved talents and more levels but she unlocks a factory skill that will make battle records easier to produce.

-Specter: I don’t have a single guard operator raised, but she, with Blaze and Ash, are the ones that I want to build the most. I don’t have the latter two but Specter has come home several times during recruitment so she is Pot 4 already and the times I have grabbed her on the friend support list she has done an incredible job holding lanes in the extremely rare case where Mudrock can’t hold lanes alone.

  • Kal’tsit and angry Alien
  • Gladiia
  • Ceobe
  • Specter
  • Zumama (Eunectes) because Waifu Supremacy will find a way to Brute Force its way!

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Thanks for participating and giving any opinion beforehand. Have a good one.


These are my current DPS and Blockers. For some reason I cannot write Blockers instead of Defenders because it is a banned but maybe I am missing something. Kal’tsit is there because I use Mons3tr as a blocker and her healing output when not prioritizing her isn’t that bad. With the exception of Kross since she really does a great job even for a 3*, I obviously didn’t put in there operators like Beagle, Fang, Lava, Hibiscus and so on since they are very interchangeable when Brute Force doesn’t really work and must play very defensively on certain maps.

My Nuclear Skadi is E2 and has M3 on the second skill. Once I finish E2 my long, LONG, list of operators I want to raise, I will focus on her third skill since Nuclear Fallout is great when buffing isn’t required. I must still be pretty asleep because Skadi is a ranged unit and I put her as a Defender. Must be muscle memory since so far she always there with the team.

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That’s a good reason and Specter at E2 have block 3, if you really love Abyssal hunter it’s Gladia/Skalter synergy and you don’t have Blaze.
But if you don’t have a good Caster,Ceobe is good too, because you can always stall with a defender+ Ceobe combo.


I’d say the exact answer here would depend on who you already have and who you’ve already raised.

But for the most part I’d go with Specter. Cheaper to raise than the 6*s you’ve listed but with great returns.

Specter at E2 gains a passive regen of 2% HP per second, since she still needs one potential to reach her Talent upgrade to make it 2.5%. With 2k HP at E2 level 5, that’s 40 HP per second. If Gladiia is on the field as well, that goes up by 1.5% to make it 3.5%, which is 70 HP per second. Skalter gives +10% of her attack as healing which is 355 at E1 max and 100%+ Trust, so that’s +35 HP per second, not counting the increase from her skills or from having an Abyssal within range. So at E2, with Skadi and Gladiia on the field, Specter would regenerate upwards of 100HP per second.

She would barely need Medic support outside of the hardest hitting enemies, in which case she could just use S2 to become temporarily immortal. And while she’s stunned, she isn’t blocking so she won’t get attacked except by ranged attacks and splash damage. But she’s still be regenerating HP even while stunned. The stun lasts 10 seconds, enough to regenerate at least half her HP assuming she was knocked down to 1 HP.

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Wait a minute. If you don’t have a guard raised (none E2). Then what do you kill & block with?

Any droppable blockers? Any core dps focus you built? Do you rely on casters / snipers / defenders / stalkers? This is vague here.

You actually make a good point. I made the post pretty late at night while doing a homework for a diploma and it is a miracle that I managed make the post somewhat coherent. I’ll edit my op and put my defenders and dps on images so you guys can have a better idea on what to offer. Although it seems Specter is winning at the moment of writing this. I obviously won’t put a lot of the already raised 3 star operators like Fang, Beagle and Melantha since this is focused on 5-6* of interest for me.

Going by needs you have Angelina for some arts-dps,
Cat’sit for AOE physical dmg and Gladiia is good but a tier below your other options for her rarity.
I’d say Specter for now cuz she’s cheaper and her immortality won’t disappoint, but I’d say any option but Gladiia is good for now (unless you want to M3 and use her in the CC next month where she can be pivotal at high risk)
Quick question though: You referred to Ash among your to-be-builds, I assume you’re talking about SA rather than the sniper ? Because someone like Ash (or Exu/Archetto) would be my next priority given your current roster.

Yes, Silver Ash. The ranged guard with the magnificent falcon. If he ever gets home he will definitely become priority.

The thorns banner is coming in 5 days too and thorns is also a killer unit who happily massacres just about everything in his path but with better consistency then the burst damage of silverash. (Of course the drawback is when silverash is using his skill he can massively outpace thorns but thorns still surpasses all non OP units)

Also I voted to fast I said kaltsit cause I was like there’s no way I couldn’t say go for the Unit that’s essentially 2 classes in 1 and has true burst damage but then I saw your lack of physical blocking operators and also have to agree specter is probably the better choice and faster to complete and syncs well with your abyssal team.

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Not much more to think of with what I get. But I’m not surprised you got problems beating Patriot.

Your team is very reliant on being able to withstand contact. When the battle isn’t optimal.

I’d kinda vote Specter > Kal’tsit > Gladiia > Eunectes. But you really lack cheap or cost/effective interception.

Specter isn’t exactly the most in-stage cheap or flexible, but she’s an undeniably strong block that can gain time. She might also do well in situations with floods of semi-resilient mobs. Especially with nuclear Skadi there.

Kal’tsit E2 would get better stats for monster’s skills. Both of them.

Gladiia I’d more recommend more for anti-mob support. She’s techy and you kinda lack a mobile foothold. She’s easier to use from a snuggly spot. Where she might just pull those she does more dmg to towards herself. She has regen at E1 and ideally doesn’t engage heavies, so I don’t value her E2 as much.

Yeah. I’d say Kal’tsit rates well partly because with your dp costs your main blockers better not collapse. Also, true dmg covers a bit for not having debuffers here. Whatever.

I’d also say Coebe > Amiya after one of Specter or Kal’tsit among those here. But you really lack lightweight blockers. If Bagpipe weren’t E2 I’d put her in top three. I’d mind burst support if you don’t have good coverage on that.

Regardless for a heavyfoot team this has some coverage. Kinda wonder how you avoid leaks if not using Mudrock S2 tough. If you rely on Kal’tsit S2 much, then stats would be good, but I’d still favor Specter first. Lets you borrow a different op, too.

As an all-rounder your team feels very much close contact & brute force. But if your anti-air holds then it might be fine. Well usually might.

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Yeah, I always liked in strategy games to brute force my way with close contact approach. It doesn’t mean that I am not open to other strategies since, in this game in particular, from time to time I enjoy using Gravel to delay key enemies while my main force charge their skills but I definitely feel more comfortable with block and then counter with sheer destruction.

Only Civilization V scratch the itch for me to be an all-rounder player. Poland, the Mayans and England’s flexile victory approaches FTW.

Well how strong is Saga? if we I were to say, she is strong enough to hold a lane almost by herself, so she is a bit stronger than a 5* guard.

To be more specific She can block 2 enemies, has good amout of Attack, her skills are good (3rd one in special), and she has a 1 time life regen which allows her to survive tought situations and she can also serve as SP battery.
To be sincere I love to pair her with Myrtle, since her talent mechanic allow her to charge Myrtle Skill really fast.