Som help in making 2/3 teams worth for pvp

Wanted to ask for some help in making maybe 2/3 teams that could actually be worthy for pvp,here’s my char list (extremes included,i wanted at least one Gt team),but don’t limit to 2 or 3,if you have more to suggest feel free too ! (here’s the link since im a new user i didn’t want to flood my topic with new comments for each image

Hello, so I was having a look at the units and these are some of the teams I recommend.

(Please note that I don’t have all the same units as you, so some of the units used in the picture are placeholders for others)
(Also for future refrence, you can place multiple picture’s in one comment. It’s a bit awkward on mobile, but if you get on a PC it’s a lot easier to do and see how it turns out in the preview).

Son Family (Saiyan)

| Yel SSJ Goku is a placeholder for your Yel SSJ4 Goku |
| Zenkai Blu SSB Goku is a placeholder for your Blu SSB Revival Goku |

For the last unit, I would suggest using one of the Event F2P Goku’s while they aren’t able to buff most of the units, they are solid units overall. I would Probably Primarily reccommend Grn SSG Goku (Didn’t see him in the list, but I’m sure you have him since you have the rest) or Yel SSJ Goku. Since Blu and Purple units are fairly common and these two do great compared to the other free units.

| Yel Android 18 is a place holder for Blu Android 18 (ToP) |
| Didn’t have Jiren so he is the missing piece |

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thank you very much gonna try those