Some awkward IV's

I’ve pulled a few interesting units over the past few weeks. I definitely don’t mind them showing up, but some of them have me questioning how useful they might be… I’d love to remedy any flaws these might have if possible.

First up… This Halloween Duo Hector. Honestly I’m AMAZED that I got him because I really didn’t put much into his banner. But that Attack drop kind of worries me… I mean sure, his Duo skill is kind of interesting (even though a well-placed Fallen Takumi achieves the same result) but I’m a little tempted to just fodder off his Distant Counter and leave it at that. I don’t really want to though; can I still make good use of him?

Next… This Spring Marisa I got from the new Leif banner. Not who I was going for, but I’ll take it I guess. Her statline doesn’t seem terrible; more HP is welcome and lowered Res doesn’t usually hurt lancers. Any suggestions?

Third and last is from this morning; this random Selkie I got trying for Ephraim & Lyon. Her statline is… weird, but could be worse. She isn’t hurt too badly by that speed drop, is she? I hope not since I like the look of her skills.

Now, those aside… Speaking of weird IV’s, I want to address a unit I’ve had around for a good bit… Valentine’s Lyn, who came a while back with an IV of +DEF/-ATK. That’s… really bad; she currently doesn’t have a single stat that cracks 40. Can I salvage her or am I better off giving her skills to someone else? I honestly don’t know if It’s worth keeping her.

If you ever pull a second copy of these units, just merge them. They have good boons (except S!Marisa) but even then, her offensive IVs are untouched so just assume she’s Neutral and she’s still useable.

I’ll keep that in mind. Not holding my breath though; merges on “non-F2P” units are kind of rare possibilities for me.

… unless said unit happens to be M-Grima. He seems to enjoy showing up at the most random times for me; I think I’ve summoned him at least 5 times now XD

LA!Lyn can be salvaged as a mixed tank. While Ilyana is way better nowadays at the build, Lyn can still run a Serpent tome build with triple Distant Defense. It stops a lot more builds than you’d think.

Selkie still works really well despite the Spd drop. While 35 base isn’t terribly amazing, the fact that her Res is intact helps, and the Foxkit Fang will keep her in competition with some of the speedier units.

I’d keep Hector in case you get lucky on a MHB/LHB rerun of him next year. On top of that he’s an easier +10 project if Ephraim is anything to go off of.

Marisa is okay. None of her needed stats got reduced, but she’s got no buffs for them either. Flier Guidance can be good for a Flier Ball team on AR Defense, and her Link skill can see some usage with units like Mordecai.