Some Big Projects Down!

So I’m really stoked to have some super big projects done! A lot of people will know my incessant need to +10 Spring Minerva, and I got all of her copies before her banner ended! I only got all the feathers I needed the other day, and she’s doing super well! I absolutely love her as a unit, and she’s doing super well! I’m using her in Arena while I wait for Petrine to be fully merged.

Before I merged Minerva, though, I got my last copy of Ashnard as well! He hasn’t got quite the fodder that I want (I still really want Atk/Def Rein 3 for him) but I really do love him as one of my best fliers and a gem in Arena to take down powerful Greens like Edelgard! Glad to finally have a Grail project down (after my queen Masked Marth, of course)

The final picture is a list of all of my either finished or current merge projects. M!Marth, Ashnard, Rein, S!Minerva, and Titania are all +10, Nowi is +8, V!Titania, Shamir, Y!Minerva, and Ninja Hana are all +6, Petrine is +5, Gaius is +3, and Eirika + Cordelia are +2! I’m not really building Eirika, Gaius, or V!Titania anymore, but they are technically merge projects!

Anyway, thanks for reading all of this, I really appreciate it. It’s nice to finally have your efforts in the game pay off!


Yo you’re merging V!Titania? :feh_navarreculture:

Congrats on your finished Ashnard and S!Minerva :feh_flaynsmile:


Congrats :fgo_ereshwoah:
And only one more DF on Minerva too :feh_faedance:


Thanks so much!!
And yeah, I haven’t done much recently simply due to how many Grails I’ve needed, but I’m keen on continuing her soon!


Thank you!! I’m hoping to get that last DF soon :feh_faedance2: