Some build free to play for black Knight?

I had a excelent black Knight but my brother take my cellphone and he send he come back home (I take Revenge of him don’t worry) but now I don’t have nothing (literally nothing) to give to my new black Knight and I need help :’’'v

I just use basekit on mine.

Black Luna
Steady Stance 3
Wings of Mercy 3
Fortify Armor
Darting Stance 1

With a Spd buff, he can prevent follow ups - which can help his survivability. You could also give him QR2 in B as a budget choice instead of WoM.


I will going to try it thanks

I’d go for something pretty similar, but with Alondite, Swap, Black Luna, Steady Posture 2 (available on Reyson and Thea at 4-star), Spd/Def Link 3 (available on Cynthia for cheap at 4-star from grails), Fortify Armor, and Speed +3 or Darting Stance 1. It gives him a bit more speed power on his own, and while somewhat more expensive gives him a little more power in my opinion. It also looks a little fancier lol. Speed +3 is always a useful seal for early on, but Darting Blow 1 or really whatever works fine. EDIT: Swordbreaker is also solid budget.

With the Link buffs and no seal, he hits 44 speed and 45 defense in enemy phase.

Best of luck with restoring his former glory!

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Yea thanks, I have 12 try’s to summon him from grials

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There’s only one real way to build Black Knight:


Well it’s time to say goodbye to my F!Hardin

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me too but I just got him a few days ago :bkhaha:

Or you could build him with dual brazen + vantage + def smoke.
Hit like a truck with vantage

Change atk/spd for sturdy blow ASAP!

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Warding stance is another option

Gimme the coins for it :feh_nino:

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■■■■■■■ broke guys!
I have like 800coins left after upgrading it!
How do you do for not having a load of coins?

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I’ve Obstruct and BoL as seals :bkhaha:


That’s only 300coins!

On a side note : when IS will move their asses and make seals restricted at only one per team but we can put it on the same time on multiples teams?
That’s not like it’s difficult to do, a shitload of others gatcha already made this!

God damn all thoses lazy peoples

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