Some builds for blue mages

What do you think about that build? I have everything to do so but im not sure about it :thinking:


The thing is, your trying to double. There are many swordfighters that may not die because you can’t double them.


Juicy Wave is a player phase skill, but L’Arachel has Vantage. There’s no synergy.

Robin is only reaching 48 speed with that build. If he’s not receiving buffs then you’re gonna want more speed since he’s heavily dependent on doubles.

Rinea is… Rinea. It works. :man_shrugging:

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The fury 4 doesn’t synergize well with the reverse desperation mojito, could do fury 4 + desperation + brash assault seal or brazen with another tome for larachel and rinea or…

Reverse desperation mojito, A skill that’s something like deathblow 3 or 4, and if you go with robin… Mystic boost, Null C, or Null follow up. Null follow up especially good with the mojito wave because you can fit desperation and “no u I go first and hit twice like I wanted” in the same set, null C for annoying healers, mystic boost to stay in desperation range, then distant def or another offense boosting seal

Juicy wave is regular :feh_desperation:, not reverse :feh_desperation:


Ahh alright, Fury 4 works just fine then with juicy wave, I’d still give one of the mages either Null C or Null follow up though, and a brazen seal/brash assault for max double nuking though, it would be super fun set to use :feh_birbpeek:

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I made her with juicy wave a while ago. She’s great with it.

I’m not liking that Marianne look alike. I think it will be a lot better to run her as support, because her offensive stats aren’t great. Better to run triple distant guard in my opinion, because that’s how I’m building her. Juicy wave + vantage is not epico

Im not a fan of armor mages tbh

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Its the other way around :eyes:

I totally forgot about null skill
Thats a better choice

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I dont have +spd robon rn :pensive:

not sure if you’re gonna post again but I’ll post to let you continue

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The only one of these I see consistently working is L’arachel. M!Robin prefers to be a support + red/colourless counter, and S!Rinea will usually be dancing instead of attacking.