Some Event Missions not Unlocking when they should

So I’ve been grinding along, and some of the missions aren’t unlocking even though it’s the right time (Day 3 Night) and I have the right amount of influence. What am I missing? Did I not unlock something else important first?

I think some said it was a bug? But I haven’t been able to unlock it either…Even being at 300k+ on each

For quests like command codes/code openers/story quests that indicate they open at night, open after you complete the free quest for the night phase.

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Did you complete the main quest to unlock Jeanne?

So the timed mission take up the time slot you’d normally use on main quests. IF you don’t have any main mission in that time slot you can use it to complete one of these. They will never be available in the free quest slot (which you’re on in the picture).

Sufficient doujin points AND right day of week (during story mode) AND no main story quest unlocked at the same time because main quests takes precedence.

It’s a headache to unlock. For robin, I was >2k from unlocking one loop. When I looped back, main quest in the way (and Robin’s quest disappeared from the hotel), so it took another loop to finally make Robin’s playable.

Don’t worry, when it’s finally playable, it will be the only quest you can play. Impossible to miss.


I unlocked it only after I have finished the main story quest after Jeanne’s become permanent. Don’t even need to keep checking back the hotel as you can’t miss it if you’ve unlocked it.

Note that you can only do one of them in a loop. For example, if you unlock 2 of them that has the same timeline, once you do one, the other will be greyed out again, waiting for the next loop.

To everyone who responded… Thanks. This makes sense.

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