Some help with Sonya's build?

I have a +Atk Sonya, merged up to +2 and I plan on using her in a defense Arena team alongside two units using Infantry pulse so she can proc her special right away. The problem is I don’t know what special to use between glimmer/moonbow and Blazing wind (could someone confirm that this special benefits form the +10 Damage of Excalibur ?).
As her A skill I am currently hesitating between death blow/L&D and G Duel infantry that would be very useful in arena (I never use Helbindi anyway).
Finally, I don’t know what to use as her B skill, I don’t want to give her Special spiral because I have only one Keaton so I would be thankful if I could get some advice about that too.
Thanks for reading me !


You’re good, it’s been tested :+1:

I’d go for Moonbow, her Atk isn’t the highest. She’ll be dealing good damage with it regardless of her opponent. I don’t think she’s the best receipt of G Duel Infantry, we that’s usually for more supportive units. I’d say Death Blow (L&D if going for Blazing Wind) is the better choice.


Hmm I’ve seen people using Death Blow and LnD so I’m not quite sure which one would suit better, but I do think that Glimmer is the way to go (?).
Special Spiral would be nice on her, but maybe something teambased like WoM might be good?

I think @NickofTime80 and @af1899 have Sonyas so maybe they can help ya there.


Thanks for the tag!, let’s see…

LnD benefits the AoE damage as it relies on visible damage, [Death Blow] is generally better for the activation of HB3 and improves normal attack but maybe now that you suggest LnD it might be a better idea as the main attack power comes from the AoE special! (and of course if the less of RES isn’t an issue). WoM might be interesting as she can support from behind or I think use an assist like [Draw Back] (in the case Sonya can’t attack right?).
Glimmer is best for units capable of dealing effective damage and/or bladetomes so she can use better a blazing AoE for big damage!.

In short, I’d recommend: DB3 (or preferably DB4) and a blazing AoE!.

Anyways to the question:
Since her refine includes a improved QP and you plan to use double IP3 you’d like to give her an AoE special, my personal recommendation is [Blazing Wind] as it’s been generally the most effective to me and deals strong damage but you can also go for [Blazing Light] or any of the growing ones though I recommend these less (maybe for GC/RD they’re good!)

It adds +10 flat damage to offensive specials and AoEs are so the damage is added onto them!

I’m not exactly sure if [G Duel Infantry] works on defenses however I’d still work on her offense!, I recommend [Death Blow 4]!

You’re welcome!, I’d give her [Special Spiral 3] because you’d run an AoE special and with it a [Heavy Blade 3] seal for consistent activation!

And here goes my build!


Yep, AoE specials also take in the +10 damage from Dark Excalibur.

I think the choice of A skill depends on what special you’re using, if you’re using a special such as Moonbow or Glimmer then Death Blow is generally better, but with AoE builds you’d be better off running Life and Death or Fury 3/4 as AoE specials only calculate your visible attack stat and not out-of-combat buffs. Unless you’re planning to merge her all the way, I wouldn’t give her G Duel Infantry.

If you don’t have Special Spiral fodder you could use something such as Chill Res to break through bulkier foes (though it’s a bit expensive) or Wings of Mercy to warp to damaged allies


Exactly!, [Life and Death] might become the winning option as she could still have enough attack to finish a foe anyways, so this option can be taken instead! (and is more accesible too).

Sounds interesting, [Chill Res] is best if there are no daggers on the group I think but it can work anyways!, [Wings of Mercy] is also great for support damage from the back, or dragging a unit out of the range of a different attacker (that is, if I’m correct in that if Sonya can’t attack then she’ll use the assist)


Thanks everyone for the replies ! I’ve made up my mind and I’ll go for a Blazing wind + LnD + wings of Mercy build as long as I don’t pull another Keaton/Lewyn to fodder her special spiral ! :slight_smile:


Oh perfect!, this will do for the time being :birbpeek:, and she looks pretty strong, mine still misses an attack copy to further increase power and effectiveness of my build however in one week I’m giving her all the merges I can!.

Oh you’re welcome, happy to be of help! :birbpeek:


Sorry for the late response. Work and all. Thanks @Lain for the recommendation.

Anyway @af1899 answered your question perfectly though I would like to add my thoughts.

Here is my current build for her

I plan on giving her Time’s Pulse whenever Sothis appears
Even without summoner support, her Icebergs/Glacies are pretty powerful. A budget set of Fury 3/Mirror Strike 2, Chill Res 3 from NY Laegjarn and Res Ploy + QP3/Infantry Pulse can be very effective as a one shot mage.

Your Arena defense build is great! Rarely people carry vantage in Arena so it will definitely take out an opponent if they get careless and she’s difficult to tank. You did a good job @Elemire!

Special Spiral is not really needed on her to function well (mostly because the units who have them are too good to fodder imo) and there are many ways for her to proc her specials with Infantry Rush/Heavy Blade.

Take care and have a good day.


Hm excellent!, yes your build is pretty excellent on its own too :ok_hand:t2:, [Mirror Impact] allows her to keep a high attack power, boon on this stat being even better as she won’t need SPD!.

I agree on [Special Spiral 3] being not necessary all the time!, it just depends more on the build player is willing to invest and likely attachment to character :birbpeek: