Some Inspiration Please

Time for one of Kupic’s-Long-Posts. :feh_nino:

So, in my quest to try and +10 the Myrrhs, I thought I’d have another look at my previous +10s and maybe give them a new lease of life as to distract me from spending orbs.

Why am I making a post?
While some of them are used and have a couple sets already, some have been left in the dust and wouldn’t mind bringing them back. Issue is, not quite sure what to do with them.

I’ll also list one or two 3^ units who I’m looking at.

So, here we go! :feh_claude_gun:

First, a group photo:
(Plegian Kris is +9 and will be +10 once I get the last 51 grails)

Now, for them individually:




One of the ones who are more set in stone, and does see quite a bit of use on Astra.
While I prefer DC Vantage something like a tank build could be interesting.



He’s my support for H!Xane hence all the stats and Rush. Though with that balanced statline there’s certainly options here.



Ah yes, one of my very first +10s (Between him and Mae, can’t remember), and the character the OGs here will know me for.
Unfortunately I almost never use him these days as time went on and my playstyle changed. Hopefully a refine this year will give me the boost I need to bring him back, but if you lot have ideas I’m more than open.



I love this cheeky bastard. He’s in my Arena core and on AR-D to bully his foes and have a great time doing it.
Though anything else I could do with him would be interesting.



My first and currently only +10 Cav. Kris now fills a similar role to him on AR-D but he does still have that prf to make use of.



A staple on my Rokkr Team as he also has Def/Res Ruse and Rally Up Atk+.
But other than that he almost never sees use these days, nor his female counterpart which I actually built first but lacked the grails or will to +10 so I merged M instead. (FRobin’s build is basically budget FLyon who I also have merged)



Probably my first +10, and it shows.
Really not got much of an idea on builds for her since her refine was let’s be honest, not great.




The man, the myth, the legend.
Probably my most enjoyed +10 across the years, and does have a bunch of stuff like DC, the four basic Fighters, March, etc. Along with some other stuff like Galeforce Surtr :feh_surtr:
There’s not much I can think of doing with him that he doesn’t have already, but the new Fighters (not that I have them) could make for some interesting stuff.



I like Kris quite a lot, so when he somehow got a seasonal (A hot one at that), I knew what had to be done.
I have a couple ideas in mind with things like his base axe or Springy Axe, though suggestions are welcome.



Now, Merric is someone I do have plans for, however I’m waiting on a Resplendent to really go for it.
Any suggestions as always are welcome.



+10/+13 SS

The unit I always found myself returning to over the three years I’ve had him. Decided I’d max him out and get him some builds.
He’s got a bunch of other things like C Duel, Lull Atk/Spd, Atk/Def Push 4, Pulse Smoke, etc. And I do plan to give him my extra Shinon depending on what his refine’s like.

Sure Skadi isn’t great right now but I have a whole AR-O team around two of him and I like its design and animations.


+10/+7 SS

Was waiting on this guy to get in since I played Awakening shortly after starting FEH in Feb 2018 so he got the instant summoner support.
Love how they did him, and that balanced statline with a deceptively high Atk opens a lot of doors maybe some of you could show me.

A few I’m looking at


Now Marth is a big maybe, as it would depend on if IS ever gives him Exalted Falchion.
But his resplendent art is simply :feh_navarreculture:
So if they ever give him Exalted Falchion or some other boost then he’s on the table.


I did have a 5^ copy a long time ago which I used a fair bit but was foddered to someone for Dull Ranged.
His art is beautiful and I like him a fair bit, as well as a refine potentially soon. So he’s pretty high on the potential merge projects list.


The fact she’s in the next HoF is making her extremely tempting, as well as liking Delthea and the Fallens in general.

Jesus Christ the long post is over :feh_nino:

So, any ideas?


Your only axe is an axe armor (oh, now I see P!Kris), so Echida, Ross, Mustafa, Caellach, N!Hana, or Y!Minerva wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Also, no staff units, so that’s also a good option. I haven’t +10’d one myself, so I don’t have an experienced recommendation.

And maybe just +10 Y!Marth on his revival. His BST is better than those Gen 1s… and his weapon is good too.

What I think you should do with Julius

With Julius, since I use him too, I would say that CC doesn’t work that well, I mean yeah, he can tank dragons and tomes all day long, but if you want to play like that, you must change both A and B skills with Close Ward, that not only gives +5 atk/res and counters from close, but also negates Dragon’s physical damage. So I suggest you to don’t use that skill anymore, but this is only an advise, you play the way you want buddy.
So as some others A you could use there are mirror stance 2 that will go perfectly with QR seal, or you could go with life and death 3 if you want to play something more speedy and aggressive. The C is really good for a magic wall, but you could also use Def Tactic 3 for something to boost the allies def, that Julius doesn’t have… (hopefully yet)

Although remember that after 6 months or more we will finally receive his refine so I’m not sure about giving him premium skills… yet


He has Close Counter for a Blade Tome Vantage build he also uses, and this was long before Close Foil or Ward existed.

With a couple Def buffs I’ve actually had him tank a few physical foes too back in the day, these days not so sure but hey, hopefully the refine helps that.


Yeah, he has hard time countering the new units with even bigger atk stats, and I’m talking about the axes


This is how mine looks like ( the spd superboon was not a good idea, I don’t recommend that :feh_hecstare: )


Honestly, if it wasn’t for the lack of Def/Res Smoke seals I’d say to just go that route for Morgan but as is… he might want to go for a mixed phase build with his Prf or, if you wanna use inheritable tomes, he can adopt a Foxtome build pretty easily that will likely translate well to his Prf Refine

Windsweep is also a solid option so he can try to dent the Axe Armors running amok


Never been too interested in the Axe Infs since they’re pretty much all built the same, and I have BIke/LDimitri to cover those roles (Bike being my third Summoner Support).

As for staves, I’ve simply never found much need for one since I have Flayn. If Azama gets a fun refine I might consider him.

While YMarth is good, OG Marth I already have the copies and Resp, just waiting to see what IS will do with him.
Fun fact YMarth only has 4 more BST than Resp Marth.


What’s your arena team situation? It’s the one mode where max merging is more or less required. Maybe consider your needs to that mode since you gave examples of non-max merge units filling roles for other modes


For Arena I have Surtr, and plan to get C Duel Inf 4 for FTakumi when it releases. Along with LChrom as the legend I’m merging, so that’s three 180 BST units.

Edit: I’m more looking for new stuff I can do with my existing +10s over building new ones :feh_nino:

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I’m in the same boat with you as Mae. Love the character, but man did her tome get screwed. If anything, for a new build I think ditching her tome is probably the best bet. 'Cause if you compare this:

to this:

then she misses out on a few points of attack but she gets 7 more speed before buffs, which is huge. Of course, if you wanted to stick to something closer to your build, maybe mirror impact and spiral instead, for a sort of budget L! Julia. I personally would prefer speed, though. speed meta sucks


So I said I had some plans for Merric, though I’m low key waiting on a Resplendent to go big on him.

So here’s a few builds I had in mind with the stats it’d give (No Summoner Support since it would make one of the set ups not work):


W/O Solon:

Using Excalibur:



Anything else come to mind? :feh_nino:


:feh_birbpeek: couldn’t help but notice you wanted to work on Mae. This is something similar to what I’m working on, except I’m using Juicy Wave+. I like to pair her with Boey so he can be defensive tank and she can be offensive/support mage. If you’re not a fan of this build but are interested in building Mae, I would suggest looking at the youtuber Marbelsoda for Mae builds. His vidoes are what I mainly use for inspiration for Mae. he also works on Boey builds as well if you’re interested .
Mae Feh


I just realized I used juicy wave instead of flora guide oops.

Also I love the idea of using Mae and Boey in that way. With all that distant guard, is Boey built to counter mages?


I got the Mae build from Marbelsoda’s video, but I thought I’d use it as an example because it’s similar to how I wanted to build her. Here’s Boey’s build. I’m also building him similar to this, except with his default weapon and Steady Stance posture 3 and with swift stance 2 for his seal. From what I’ve seen, he can tank mages pretty effectively.
Boey Feh

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