Some interesting facts about servant’s Atk stats I found online

So there have been discussions about how hard a servant hit and etc. Most of these relate to card multiplier as well as class damage multiplier.
However, do you know what else also contribute to a servant’s Atk? For example, lancers have a very high damage multiplier of 1.05, suggesting that they are good damage dealing class. However, @The_Cheeseman made a list regarding servants’ stats and discovered that lancers ranked closer to the bottom regarding Atk stats. Do you know why? Here we are going to discuss about it.

Warning: The following thread contains hardcore game mechanics. Avoid if you are just a casual waifu simulator player.

When a servant’s Atk stat would be determined, the developers will look at the servant’s attack animation first (yes, those stuff actually matters). If you are a caster, or if your attack uses magical light balls to attack your enemy, like Berserker Kiyo or Rider Martha, you are a magic attacker. If not, you are a physical attacker, including Fujino, who kills using her mighty eye power.
For physical attackers: Atk=Basic* class multiplier* oriented multiplier* str multiplier* agility multiplier * (1-(str multi-1)* (agl multi-1))* (because DW says so multiplier)
For magic attackers: Atk=Base* class multi* oriented multi* MP multi* because DW says so multi

Base refers to value based on rarity, ranging from 5500 for 1* to 11000 for 5*. Note that a different base is used for HP, ranging from 7500 for 1* to 15000 for 5*. This is also why most servants have more health than attack.

Class multiplier here refers to the class Atk stat multiplier,
It is tedious to look at just text so I am placing the pic here: image
The row in green is the class while the row in white below is the multiplier. For top row from left to right: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin. For bottom row: Berserker, Shielder, Ruler, Avenger, Alter Ego, Moon Cancer, Foreigner

Str, Agi and MP multiplier all depends on the value you see in the servant’s profile page. The multiplier goes from 0.9675 for E-, to 1 for B, and to 1.04 for EX.

Oriented multiplier refers to if the servant is hp or Atk oriented. The multiplier goes from 0.9 to 1.1 at a 0.05 interval. Note that for all servant except saber Lily this multiplier adds up to 2, ie, a servant with 1.1 multiplier for HP will definitely have a 0.9 multiplier for Atk and so on. Saber Lily has 0.85 multiplier for both Atk and HP, thus explaining her pathetic stat.
Because DW says so is a fancy term I come up with that basically says that DW can ignore the rules and bump up or nerf a servant’s stats, and trust me it happens quite often and results in quite the difference.
So now you know how a servant’s Atk stat is determined, and why some class just have so low attack regardless or despite the damage multiplier.

Also while we are at it, here is the class health stat multiplier chart:image From this chart, we can see why Saber is said to be the strongest class, because the multipliers of Saber adds up to 2.02 while others never exceed 2. We can also see why people say that the knights are stronger than the calvary since all of the Calvary classes have multipliers that add up to no more than 1.93, while the knight classes add up to 2 or higher.


Original site I found the chart from:
For those who are interested can have a look


Interesting stuff! I assumed tables like these were how parameters were determined, but I never expected to see the actual formulae! Always fun to get a peek behind-the-scenes of game development.


This was funny for some reason.

So you’re telling me the parameters do mean something for gameplay though does this really count


Well, technically the parameter ranks don’t actually do anything, they’re just used to guide the servant’s mechanical design. The ranks themselves are never referenced for in-game calculations.


Yeah I meant it more like that, like an indication of sorts.

Then again, I guess that was obvious in a way


That seems extremely specific though. Are we talking about Emiya here ?

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Actually, Luck slightly influences star gather rate, and Agility influences star generation rate. Very minor changes, but they’re the reason you see differences in those stats between members of the same class.


The original wording was “厨力放出”. 厨 originally meant cooking or kitchen, thus your translation. But in recent times online, “厨” start to mean fans, or hardcore fans in particular. So in this case, what it really means is the changing of stats due to favoritism

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Str, Agi and MP multiplier all depends on the value you see in the servant’s profile page. The multiplier goes from 0.9675 for E-, to 1 for B, and to 1.04 for EX.

Is there a list of these multipliers somewhere?

It is in the link. The 7th comment here posted the pic as well.

I’m guessing the oriented multiplier and the ‘DW says so’ multiplier are just random? Bleh, was going to try and calculate some attack values.

Oh well.

I wouldn’t hope to get a perfect automated translation. (Even decent shouldn’t be expected)
I mean, “Archer” gets translated into “Bow”, even the google translator trolls them about it!

But sometimes it's just funny what you end up with.


something like “the ruler is above [not archer!]” I suppose ^^

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You can try calculate the stats and work out the DE say so factor and see who gets the cake and who gets the shaft

Yes, I covered that in my WIP guide. But the LUK and AGI ranks are not actually used by the game engine, itself. The developers assign each servant’s internal parameters, the ranks just tell them what those numbers should be.

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And HP calculation formula in case people want it:
HP=Base* class multiplier * end multiplier * oriented multiplier * because DW says so


I’ve always found it funny that, despite it being canonically stated that Saber is the strongest Class, it seems like Archers frequently pulling even more insane stunts than Sabers.

Also, RIP Lily. No wonder you’re rarely used.

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From what I remember, Saber is considered the strongest class not cause they hold the strongest servants overall but more for a consistency factor. Essentially every Saber servant is going to be powerful but they’re not necessarily guaranteed to be the strongest servant no matter the war. With the other classes being more random like say Casters, they have monsters like Medea and Solomon while also including Hans who in lore has no real powers besides a powerful Noble Phantasm, same with Nursey Rhyme.

Another point also goes with in Fate media where the protagonist can only have one servant, they’re pretty likely to get a Saber. I mean FSN famously has Artoria as Shirou’s servant, Apocrypha: Siegfried technically and Mordred was a major protagonist, Extra: Nero is one of the playable servants AND considered the canonical servant based on the Extalla series, Arthur is one of the main protagonists in the Prototype series. Finally, Strange Fake has Blond Ayako summon a Saber. Narratively they won’t make the protagonist’s side right off the bat the strongest as it kills all the tension.


I’d say Artoria was arguably the strongest servant in F/SN, even considering how ridiculously OP Illya and Herc were. But then, she had to be, because that’s the only way Shirou stood a chance. She’s just disadvantaged by the entire servant system more than most heroic spirits, since her power comes from her magical energy, which is limited by her master.

The Saber class container has by far the highest total parameters, as well as strong Magic Resistance as a class skill. Saber is objectively the strongest class, before you consider individual heroic spirits.

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So, in all this Math how do we place Ozy, the almighty laughing pharaoh?