Some interesting facts about servant’s Atk stats I found online

Seibas are good civ! Also, imagine how powerful Artoria would be if you gave her a revive/extra life ability. She would be broken.

I mean, she don’t need such a thing because her intuition can literally save her life from a scenary of sure dead like against the Tsubame Gaeshi, she will only need to get the power of her dragon core back(all the heros with things like Dragon cores have lose their power after becoming heroic spirits like Siegfried) to be OP because infinite magical energy

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Im only a medicore gamer so i only understood that the reason ruler martha’s atk stat is higher than rider version is she punches people.

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So essentially DW uses complicated lore-guided formulas and differences in the range of ~0.01 to determine servant’s ATK and HP stats.

I think this is pretty interesting, but I’m having a hard time seeing the application. I don’t think anyone would ever start with expected class parameters to review a servant. They would simply take the given servant’s stats as the base starting point and completely jump this particular generalized class information.

One another note, I don’t think anyone here would actually* argue saber superiority from this? I mean, for FGO at least, we can probably look at the overall archer skill set and call them better than sabers rather quickly. (Even 3-star archers offer a much for their rarity — Euriyale, David, Robin, Billy the Kid.)

For Fate in general the argument might be different. Realistically speaking, guerrilla warfare tends to be the way to go. Casters or Assassins would be better suited to that — this is if narrative events were more realistic. (They aren’t.)

The only way sabers would be “objectively” superior is if you take it as “what Fate said” and no further thought. That might just be the nature of fiction though.

I actually brought this up before in another thread…but I can’t find it anymore :fgo_gudako:

The Tldr version is that the servant ‘fluff’ parameters actually play a (small) role in determining the internals and raw stats of the servant.


Nevermind found it


I mean, what other proof do you need that Saber is the strongest class when the narrative literally tells you that? They have the highest base parameters, almost totally invalidate one of the other classes (Caster), and the Saber survived to the end of every HGW that’s been waged, so far.

It’s kind of like how people like to argue about whether Gilgamesh is really the strongest heroic spirit. Yes, he is, the author has made that very clear on numerous occasions. Now, just because Gilgamesh is the strongest doesn’t mean he automatically wins, as HGWs aren’t merely tests of strength, but it’s pretty clear that, if Fate was an MMO, Saber would be an S-tier class.

“Saber OP, nerf plz”

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That would be trivial if your definition of strongest is the parameters. I have no beef with that.

The context of battles plays a far more important role on who actually wins. In other words, most of these Fate Grails wars are Guerrilla warfare style, and so Intelligence control is a lot more valuable than raw power which implies that specialists would be preferred. But of course, the writers get to decide on how things play out regardless of what would actually* be realistic given the premise of the story.

Narrative wise, sure, strongest are sabers (writers make it as such) but in a more realistic hypothetical, I’d say ‘nah’.

I don’t think this worth discussing too much either.

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