Some Lysithea's maths ! :feh_lysitheacool:

I’ve seen quite a few people using Moonblow rather than Glimmer on Lysithea (probably because it is her base kit).
So I’ve decided to do the maths.

The General rule is that the more foe has resistance, the better Moonblow get.
And at the opposite, the higher Lysithea’s attack is, the better Glimmer get.

I’ll use my own +1 Lysithea as test subject :

61 base attack (No Blessing / No Buff).

  • (+ 8 from Death blow 4 A Slot.
  • (+ 6 from Death blow SS.
  • (+ 10 from Hades Omega.

85 base attack.
Lull Res will be calculated independently, as it reduces Moonblow aswell (i’ve tested it).

:feh_bylethsmile: :feh_genny_mug: At first, let’s say Foe is a Red/Colorless foe :feh_bylethsmile: :feh_genny_mug:

With 50 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [85 - (50-3)] x 1.5 = 57 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [85 - (50-3)] + [0.3 x (50-3)] = 52,1 damage

With 55 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [85 - (55-3)] x 1.5 = 49.5 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [85 - (55-3)] + [0.3 x (55-3) = 48.6 damage

With 60 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [85 - (60-3)] x 1.5 = 42 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [85 - (60-3)] + [0,3 x (60-3)] = 45,1 damage

:feh_azura::feh_azura: Now, let’s say Foe is a Blue Foe :feh_azura::feh_azura:

With 45 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [(85x0.8) - (45-3)] x 1.5 = 39 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [(85x0,8) - (45-3)] + [0,3 x (45-3)] = 38.6 damage

With 48 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [(85x08) - (48-3)] x 1.5 = 34.5 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [(85x0,8) - (48-3)] + [0,3 x (48-3)] = 36.5 damage

:feh_angrynino::feh_angrynino: Now, let’s say Foe is a Green Foe :feh_angrynino::feh_angrynino:

With 65 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [(85x1.2) - (65-3)] x 1.5 = 60 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [(85x1.2) - (65-3)] + [0,3 x (65-3)] = 58,6 damage

With 70 resistance :

  • Glimmer damage : [(85x1.2) - (70-3)] x 1.5 = 52.5 damage
  • Moonblow damage : [(85x1.2) -(70-3)] + [0,3 x (70-3)] = 55,1 damage

Conclusion :feh_myrrhthink::

On Lysithea, because of her very high ATK, it takes HUGE amount of foe’s resistance for Moonblow to deal more than Glimmer.

  • Blue foes (weapon triangle disadvantage), is where Moonblow shines the most, but even then, 48 resistance is a very high amount most blue foe’s won’t have, and a 48 resistance blue foe (+Res ice mirror Fjorm / L!Julia) will destroy Lysithea on retaliation regardless of if she has Glimmer or Moonblow.

  • Red/Colorless foe, Glimmer is always better unless +10 F!Julia Asset Res with ATK/Res solo 4, or F!Julia with Sothis/Eir blessing, and even then, the difference is very small.

  • Green foes, Glimmer is always better in every situation.

Sidenotes :feh_lysitheacool: :

  • +ATK buffs on Lysithea / +ATK blessing on Lysithea / - Res debuff on foes, will tend to make Glimmer slightly stronger.
  • +Res buffs on foes will not make any difference because of Lull Res
  • -ATK debuffs on Lysithea / + Res Blessing of foes will tend to make Moonblow slightly stronger.

You get the idea :feh_lucyshrug:

Sidesnotes² (regardless of Lysithea) :feh_annawink: :

While Moonblow/Glimmer are great special because of their short-cooldown, they target a specific kind of foes (Moonblow aim to deal with bulky units, while Glimmer is great to one-shot squishys).

Others special that rely on your own character’s stat (Draconic Aura/Dragon Fang/Icerberg/Glacie/Bonfire/Ignis/Regnal Astra/Hero’s Blood) are much more consistent because they do a set amount of damage regardless of if your foe is bulky or squishy.
Therefore, they are my favorite in AR-D.


Interesting. Been meaning to calc some of these myself, but I’m lazy

I run Moonbow on my AR D Lysithea because my defense is particularly weak against blue tanks (since good green nukes are so rare and Yune is garbage), and Eir makes it easy to stack a ton of res. 48 doesn’t seem too unreasonable for an opponent to hit, but I may switch to Glimmer anyway. Especially for next season with Fallen Ike existing


I saw maths and was hoping for calculus…


Thanks :feh_bylethsmile:.
I’m glad you like it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yeah I guess there’s situations where Moonblow is better, especially in light season :feh_lucyshrug:


Sorry i’m bad at maths! I don’t even know what calculus is :sweat_smile:


As usual

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Honestly, what calculations in FEH would warrant calculus? Your statement seems ridiculous on the surface but I’m curious if there are actual applications here.


Well I mean an important application for calculus are optimization problems and related rates. Finding minimums and maximums of equation using derivatives, something could be found with that.


This is good to know. I don’t have Lysithea but I do have a +2 +Atk Kiria who would hit for similar numbers.

Time to rework my AR-D team :feh_royyes:


Ah, I see. Good to know. I wondered how much general FEH maths would fall in the category of statistics and probability, and how much could be classified as strictly calculus. At my university we had separate stats and calculus classes, although there is a fair amount of overlap in the math realm for both at elementary levels.


@Lysithea_is_bestgirl @TMFM
If foe’s def/res is >62% of unit’s atk, moonbow does more more damage
If foe’s def/res is =62% of unit’s atk, moonbow and glimmer do the same damage
If foe’s def/res is <62% of unit’s atk, glimmer does more damage

Since 50 def/res is considered quite good(and rare), a unit that can hit 80+ atk will nearly always get more damage out of glimmer than moonbow


Thanks for the knowledge! :feh_annawink:

Obviously WTA / WTD is to take into account for the amount of unit’s atk.
Lull Res / Lull Def aswell, as it reduces Moonbow ~


M o o n b o w


Oops :sweat_smile:


Yes other stat modifiers obviously get worked in there. That 62% marker would be after every single modifier gets taken into account(hence why glimmer is usually reserved for 80+ atk stackers that get too much atk for the foe to catch up)


if I was using her (especially on defense), I would do everything possible to make her able to run draconic aura. Typically it’d be quite difficult to pulse down from 3 to 0, but her slaying and low hp make it the best option imo, at least if you give her special spiral for non-AR stuff.


I run her with a 2 turn CD special so that my team doesn’t have to care about Even/Odd Pulse Tie

Lysithea has 1 less HP than Ophelia, so with Time’s Pulse, Lys protects Oph from EPT/OPT. Pretty nice tech


did you make a new defense?


Indeed :feh_genny_mug:
For AR-D, i agree!

I’m using Dragon Fang (50% of atk) in my dark AR-D, and it’s very effective.
It is not even difficult get her from 4 to 0, her slaying + TP already get it down to 2, just need 2 IP on dancers ~

The downside 'tho, is unlike Moonblow/Glimmer (which are safe from any kind of pulse), if she gets pulsed smoke, she will loose a very important part of her damage, a big shame.
EPT/OPT will affect mythics first if their special are ready, so Lysithea is fine (she’d be pulsed on turn 6 or 7 which is too late ~)

Smart :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Have you not seen my dark defense?

Feat. Finn and the harem