Some much needed seals

Let’s be honest… there are a few seal’s that should have been put in a long time ago… and some that we will most likely see soon, so what are some you guy’s would want… my top 5 seal’s would probably be

    1. Guard… like really this should have came with QR, QR is still somewhat premium since it is still 5* exclusive, while Guard isn’t anymore thank’s to Naesala so there’s no reason for it not to be a seal
    1. Bracing Stance… a Close/Distance Defense just with 2 less Def/Res… yes come to me
    1. Kestrel Stance… it wouldn’t see to much use from me… but it would finish off all the stance seal’s with Bracing with it
    1. Brazen Def/Res, honestly out of the ones left this one is probably the best one…
    1. Sabotage Def or Res… I couldn’t really decide which one I’d want more… but probably Def since Res is slightly easier to obtain if you wait for Yune to come out… but I mainly just want them so I could run an omni Sabotage Tethys without having to attack for the Def/Res debuff’s

Bracing/Kenstral Stance

I have ideas where Kenstral might be nice


just give them some time

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Did you say Odd Atk/Spd/Def/Res Wave? :feh_angrynino:


No… but I wouldn’t mind having all the Solo and Rouse skill’s as seals

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Wings of Mercy and Escape Route would be interesting to have as well, and I don’t think either of them would be game breaking. But yeah, Guard should have been a SS by now.

My two most wanted and likely seals to have would be Guard and WoM. The Stance skills don’t interest me all that much and in my time have been very rarely used when I needed that specific type of skill. Sabotages seem a little too good atm, especially with the latest dancer. Brazen Def/Res I think might be much… but honestly isn’t much different from the others.


… Might as well make Vantage a seal while you’re at it.



Distant Counter



So much… needed… sacred coins.

I’ve done a long break of Fire emblem, so i’m a little late coins-wise… :feh_ohgod:

XD !!

"Some much needed seals"

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Vantage is in a very… odd place for a seal… while vantage itself isn’t all that game breaking especially since we have things that can stop it… but if it was a seal… it can make for some very… crazy build’s… one of which is the one everyone would love for BK/Zelgius with Slaying Edge, Black Luna, DC, Special Spiral, Vantage seal


You know, since I’m rocking a +Spd Resplendent Sanaki… I’d love to create a Kestrel Stance ‘4’ build with my own.

I have no doubt it’ll come out as some point, seeing as we all other stances as seals.

Besides Bracing Stance

You already pointed out Bracing Stance missing, so I didn’t include it in my sentence.

On board for all except sabotage. That shit would makes things too annoying in AR

Embla’s Ward pls

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Yes, would be awesome for my AR-D.
100% winrate AR-D !

What ya’ll said is good and dandy but we need seals of the Push skills! I want to give:

Bramimond - Atk/Def Push seal
Eir - Atk/Spd Push seal (heck, replace her A slot with an Atk/Spd Push 3 also)
Bridal Micaiah - Atk/Res Push seal

Gives all of them an extra oomph with the latter 2 being able to recover recoil damage from the skills.

Pls IS, listen to me!