Some "official" translations of terms in Lostbelt 1

So, I’m sure we are all familiar with how some terms or name from NA often deviate from those fan-translations that came before their “official” translations. Here are a few differences I’ve noticed in LB1

Tsarina -> Tsaritza

The two are basically the same, although I’m quite sure not many would use Tsaritza to regard a female Tsar. Not sure why they didn’t go with the more common Tsarina though.

World of Imaginary Numbers -> Void Space

This change makes it easier to understand, though I think it had cut quite a lot of connotations.

Ortenaus -> Ortinax

I don’t know whether it is intentionally or not but it’s not supposed to be ‘i’ but ‘e’ (the original katakana also has a テ - te in it). Ortenax is the pronunciation of the name of a magical fish that has some relations to Galahad. I hope the ‘Ortinax’ is just a small mistake that they will tweak later.

Fantasy Tree -> Tree of Emptiness

The original name of the tree in Japanese is 空想樹, Kūsōju. 空想 has the closest equivalent in English to “fantasy”, but I think it can also be vaguely understood as a something coming from the void, the emptiness. Or maybe they are regarding to the fact that the Trees are the main factor maintaining the Lostbelts, and thus are the main reasons why the face of the Earth turned empty.

What are your thoughts on these translations? Please let me know if I missed anything.


Not a fan, especially of this “Ortinax” translation. It doesn’t sound good at all.

I have no problem why the translation,but the may fix the ortinax because maybe was a error ,isn’t the first time they write bad something and the fixed in the future patches

For the new mats:

Mystic Gunpowder is now Reactive Gunpowder
Eternal Ice is now Eternal Frost

Do you mind if I now hit you with some unofficial translations as I reverse translate them to see the names they might have been going for?

image = Krichat’ = кричать = yell/scream
image = The Crab with the Jab = Razrushat’ = разрушать = destroyer/ruiner
image = D’yavol Tron = Дьявол Трон = Devil’s Throne
image = Oprichnik (Oprichniki) = опричник (опричники )= Guardsman (Guardsmen)

I don’t think they gave the demon boars or golems special names here vs. the other Singularities/EoR chapters

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Tsaritza is the correct one tho. This is how the wife of a tzar/female tzar sounds in Russian.

Just love how monsters are called verbs :'D But Дьявол Трон is probably the winner here.

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