Some questions about Sirius (unit)

I completely gave up on trying to summon Thrasir because i got 20 Boeys from that banner and decided to summon once on the FE12 banner and got a +Def/-Res (oof thats a painfully low res) i leveled him early because i love Cam*s so much and i gave him Bonfire early because of that and his Prf weapon, also the question is, any recommended budget builds for him? Some tips on using him? Im not actually fond of using cavalry units especially if they have to stay far from allies.


If you lack a good blue Galeforcer, Sirius is a good option :birbpeek:
His Slaying weapon & good stats allow him to Galeforce very well.


Turn asset/flaw color display on you baka

How to do that actually? Im new

that’s not an excuse for not looking at the settings baka :hecmad: :hecmad: :hecmad:

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Uhh yeah, i turned it on now and will probably change the pic


Galeforce huh, i actually think that’ll be good for him but i dont have any unit with it so thats a shame . Also im planning to use Heavy Blade sacred seal on him, would that be good or do you think otherwise?

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That’s alright.

A damage dealing Special like Bonfire or Ignis is fine if you don’t have/can’t afford Cordelia (at 5*).

That’s actually a really good idea. Heavy Blade is definitely one of his preferred seals.


Thanks, it seems like i earned myself an actually good 5* blue unit thats not gained from unlocking potentials

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Was going to recommend Flashing Blade instead, but I forgot Fliers and Cavalries got screwed on that.


His Slaying condition pushes Ignis’s CD to 3, so ideally in a round of combat, he can…

Attack -2 CD
Enemy retaliates -1 CD
Sirius – Uses Ignis.

His Base kit is already fantastic, and he’s super strong as is.

His C is also replaceable with any Cavalry buffing skill or a Rouse skill when you get one (Rouse Atk/Def is a great one for him).


Awesome. Im literally going to use him a lot


Yeah, he’s really cool.


Me trying to find a good reaction image for this because I don’t want to deal with anything after getting a Yune and two S!Veronicas while trying to get Thrasir:

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  1. a82

Here are some reaction pics.

  1. I was bummed out, too, but I worked with what I had, and you like S!Veronica, so it’s not all bad.

I got bummed from that banner too because after getting S!Veronica myself i thought it was a good sign but its another omen like seriously man, 20 Boeys


Ah, oof.

That’s pretty painful, not gonna lie.

At least you got Sirius!

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Ye :feh_rein::feh_rein:

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Sirius. :feh_roy: