Some questions, CEs and KnK rerun

First: About CEs, I really want to have a MLB Formal craft but I´m stacked at 3 copies since long time.
Would you recomended me to fuse the 3 copies and leveling it untill I get the other two copies? (also for other offensive CEs like BG, Another ending, Victor of the Moon, etc.)

Second: Now that we will have the KnK rerun, Do you think that they will release the Strengthening Quest of both Shiki?
After all we will not have the Arcade Collaboration Event i think is a good posibility of it.

For those sorts of CEs that will likely only be used on one unit per battle, yeah. I’ve got my Black Grail limit broken even though it’s not MLB just because there’re virtually never any cases where you’d want to use both. IME only CEs you would want to use dupes of are, like, multiple MLB Holy Night Supper, Golden Sumo, and those ilk, because charge is mega-convenient. FC, etc. are like plastered onto your DPS then built around enabling said DPS’ max efficacy.

No, I wholly expect us to get the Shiki SQs at more-or-less the same time JP did, just repackaged. Events, SQs, that junk all follow pretty strict/matching at best schedules (sometimes even delayed). Animation updates, sure we’ve gotten some early, but even those were unrelated to event-based updates (compare; Siegfried and Nyanta vs Medusa and FSN Cu early on).

So, I only expect us to get what JP got: Fujinon banner, Void’s last banner, etc.

I’d generally recommend against it since it limits your options but if you are going to level it then it prob isn’t a loss for you and on your second point I think it’s mostly a balancing thing that they don’t give strengthening quests early

As the above posters said, I usually consider whether I’d ever see myself using two copies of a given CE in the same team. For most damage CEs, that answer is no. I have limit broken my Victor, Imaginary Around, Black Grail, etc. because I don’t ever plan to need more than one in the same party.

On the other hand, I have leveled all three copies of 2030 to 20, as well as my two Prisma Cosmoses (Prismas Cosmos?) because having more than one is often quite valuable.

I also only tend to keep 1 copy of the non-meta CEs, which I limit break as I acquire them, as while I doubt I’ll really ever use them, I can’t shake the feeling that maybe, someday, they’ll come in handy.


If QP is non-issue, you can level LB CE. I only level up to level 20 the useful cards like 2030. Usually, I make CE bombs to maxed level from 15 to 100 to save on QP. I got both maxed MLB Sumo and MLB HNS now. Assassin Shiki will get her strengthening this KNK rerun or so I heard.

Thanks everyone for your reply.
I think I will fuse those CEs that I not use a lot or that only use a copy this will save me lot of space in my inventary until I can MLB them and I will give a 2M CE bomb to my FC to leveled to 50.

I will try to leveled some support CEs like 2030, prisma and others that I use a lot.

I hope that the SQ of shiki will be release with the rerun because dreaming is free.

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