Some questions, Quick servants

During the next Valentine we will be able to get again all de chocolate CEs? those from Mash are the ones that I have doubts to burn. I mean that If I burn them all I could get them again the next year?

Is worth to invest on Paracelsus if I have Nero Bride?

Is posible that I could make the Skadi loops with my servants?
Wich servants I should priorize and which skills thinking on the SkaSka system?.

My quick servants
Atalante NP1 7/4/7
Fran NP2 4/4/6
Marie NP5 1/1/1 (I have Mordred for loop casters)
Zerkerlot NP1 (lvl 1 was a spook on the knk banner)
Parvati NP1 (lvl 1 was a spook on the knk banner)

I have Keleid (2 copies, NO MLB)
I don´t have Wever
For bateries I have Helena, Merlin, Santa Altera and Ozy.
My next free 4* ticket will be for Valkyrie (waifu reasons).
I will try to summon Dante if I have some spare resourses after Skadi.

The problem is how far down the line you’re looking, because Bride explicitly receives a rank up quest next year in the summer granting her a targetable 30% NP gauge precisely to distinguish herself from the improved Paracelsus. Prior to that, Paracelsus is indeed better for looping after his rank up this summer. So for a year, Paracelsus will be better with his 50% NP rate up (+20% Arts) vs Bride’s 45%.

I would still invest in Paracelsus. It’s not like you can’t combine the two in certain scenarios, and it’s not like you can’t scrounge up 96 bones and 64 dust :fgo_jeannu:

Current looping charts, as far as I know:

Confused? Yeah, me too, buddy, I just press red buttons :fgo_buster:


Bride and Celsus can be in the same art loop team,both(after Celsus update) are great units,Bride is a great unit ,and Celsus is just a good support,both are expencive unit

Nope,you can’t yet ,your zerkerlot need at lest NP 3,your parvati need at lest NP 2, and Atalanta need also NP 3 at lest,sorry quick loops are expencive ,and you need your oun Skadi, so don’t put all your focus in something you aren’t sure that you are going to get

The art loops also need some overkill and what better to help for that overkill that 40% extra of ATK,but who cares both together are better (i mean 95% NP gain,20% art,and 40% ATK +50% star gen that is good some times)

You can get Mash’s past valentine with rare prisms. Every other Servant’s gift will be re-collectable.

Fran is currently your best bet for double Skadi. But you will need either B.B. (welfare next year) or Best Nurse to clear the Stun after her NP.

Where are you getting those NP levels? Damage benchmarks depend on the specific mobs because it’s overkill that’s relevant. Both Nyanta and Paru can loop at NP1 versus certain mobs and every Zerkalot setup I’ve seen needs MLB kscope or plugsuit + Waver.

Fran requires MLB kscope because you need to plugsuit in a debuff cleaner.

Nyanta or Paru but you really want another NP level for either. Look at the charts that @jokersan4 posted and also check out this video:


He have no waver

Then my mistake ,but some one can’t have a loop team for only especial nodes forever

He also don’t have that

Totally forget that neither B.B. nor Best Nurse has NP charging. Hopefully they will give us a welfare with both 20% battery and a 3-turn debuff immunity.


Ascelpius exists and has a party wide 20% battery, debuff removal, and debuff immunity meaning he can cover for Fran.

He could do that he just need wait till next year( and get his oun Skadi 10/x/10)

Fran with Paracelsus and the right CE (one with debuff immunity):

Surfmo is arts looping easy mode but her damage is pretty sad. I use NP2 Surfmo, Tamamo with max skills, and Nobbu with level 1 skills to loop the QP dailies. You don’t even need to try with her but good luck hitting damage benchmarks outside of dailies…

Fran is just bad looper. The only thing that’s good is her damage. As shown in the vid technically it can be pulled off with more budget options like snek doc and plugsuit with scope and 50% CE but it’s important to ask why people pursue quick loops in the first place. Which is to at worst be able to free up 5 slots for event CE. Dropping to 4 means there’s probably more effective options and defeats the point of quick looping.


Because some people want to do farming doing less touches

Or for fun because they like to? It’s fun to try crazy setups and cool when it works.

Just a reminder that you can view any CE you have ever obtained in My Room->Spirit Origin List. As the valentines chocolate CEs have literally no effect, thereby being pointless to ever equip, there’s no particular reason not to burn them/use them for exp.

Do you still want to keep 5 for next year bonus drops?

I suppose you could (I did) but I didn’t have any of those this year, and I doubt it made a noticeable difference in the grand scheme of the event (I still finished with several days to spare).

macro friendly