Some questions

Hey guys have some questions

My daily routine is:

  • 1 Avenue to Power: Master using stamina
  • 1 Avenue to Fortune: Master using stamina
  • 1 Elemental Ruins: Expert using stamina (Always do the the expert of the day except when all are open then i usually do light till i max my light team, more on that later)
  • 2 Jupiter Trials: Master using co-op (as above only been doing Jupiter because of light team)
  • 5 Imperial Onslaught:Master using co-op (i use 1 bonus on light and 1 on dark shadow then do the other 3) but i’ve been thinking on doing the 2 bonus on wind to start to get ready for
    High Midgardsormr and then do one of each other.

Do you guys think this is a good routine or should i change it ?

Next need some advice on what to do next, my current team and only team is light (Albert-Halloween Elisanne-Julietta-Hildegarde)(Might is at 14450)

  • All are 40/50 on Mana circles
  • Albert is using FĂłlkangr (3/4)
  • Rest is using 4*Step 2 (4/4)

I have 1 Damascus ingot should i use it on FĂłlkangr ?
Should i craft a elemental weapon for each one ?
Should i hold the team like this and start to work on other element teams ?

On the topic of other elemental teams would like some advice on the other elements team composition preferably that would work on advanced dragon trials




Also if you think my current light team can have better composition please tell me.

Well, I think the routine is fine, though as you mentioned it’s best you change from doing light IO to focusing on either fire, water or wind depending on which High Dragon Trial you want to tackle first.

As for your team, there is not much more you can improve in your team aside from just starting to work t2 5* weapons for them (don’t even need to MUB them yet), this weapons can also be used on other teams, so it’s a good option to spread out and it will also power up your current team, then you can work on 5* elemental weapons on your favourite units.

  • You’ve got great options for your fire Team with Marth, Ezelith and Verica, the fourth can be filled in with whomever you prefer that doesn’t repeat a weapon type with anyone else already. You’d have Marth for dragon trials and Ezelith for IO if you build them, so that’s a really good thing to work on.

  • For water you are also pretty solid, Xander, D! Cleo and Xainfried are really good and you cover your dragon trials and IO there as well. Then you can either choose to build Ricardt or Thaniel, both are pretty good healers, though Thaniel is the only one that can run High Brunhilda.

  • For Wind you have two of the best units in Lin You and Maribelle and both are Bog Res, which doesn’t really matter for High Mercury, but it’s a plus. I would suggest you build Hawk over Louise because you’ve already got plenty Bog Res and you need someone that can clear water IO. For the fourth Lowen is a no brainer, he’s the only good wind healer.

  • Dark might be your weakest team as a whole, but you have Ieyasu, one of the best adventurers in the game, just because of bleed and he does have pretty good synergy in his kit. Veronica is a pretty decent ranged option that fits well in any team as an AI. You can work on either Kleimann or Berserker, though Kleimann shares a weapon with Veronica, but you need an IO unit here. I would suggest Cleo as your dark healer, but I suppose Edward can work, neither of them are really good.

How are your altars and dojos coming along? because they could also affect in your team formations.

Of course in the end this are just what I would build, I would say see what weapon types you preffer over all and decide upon that. Or if you don’t like a specific weapon type, then avoid building them and work on someone else that can do their job in a weapon type that you do like.

Starting with your routine:
What you choose to do for your dailies depend on what you’re building for. Switch around the quests so you can obtain the mats for, say, weapons and insignias for HMS. Or maybe mats to help your light team with defeating Sabnock. Whatever you want to focus on is how you choose. Personally, I think it’s fine.

FĂłlkangr is a 5* but even at MUB it has stats comparable to a 4.3, so unless you really want it to be MUB, save the damascus ingot.

An elemental weapon for each would certainly help, but isn’t strictly necessary. It would be better to build one 5* for each element to cover higher level content. You could build more 5* and 4* afterwards, but I think one for each should be your main goal.

On team compositions:

Fire: Marth, Ezelith, Vanessa, Veronica

Water: Xander, Dragonyule Cleo/Orsem, Xainfried/Elisanne, Thaniel

Wind: Lin You, Maribellle, Addis, and Lowen

Light: Keep your current team.

Dark: Ieyasu, Veronica, Alex, Cleo

Marth is a lovely adventurer for HMS, fully support using him. Healers are always welcome, so building Veronica wouldn’t be bad. Vanessa is pretty good at delivering hurt and can help others meet the HP check.

For HBH, I suggest Orsem, Xainfried, or Thaniel. All three are top picks: Orsem to focus Brunhildr’s attention, Xainfried to help pass the HP check, and Thaniel so players can simply survive. It’s quite harsh on the HP bar.

With Mercury, meeting the HP check is less important than bringing the DPS. On elements don’t even require the print in most cases, so bringing any of the suggested adventurers would be fine. All three are capable of high DPS, and you might as well build a dps Lowen lol

As for the other two trials, they haven’t been released yet, so no worries. Better build an adventurer for them once you know what you’re facing. Plus, in the time before they release a new adventurer may be released as a perfect counter.

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I missed Addis on your list, and I did expand the images, my bad, he would be a better option than Hawk, given how powerful he is on IO. Thanks Colonel_Lika for mentioning him.

thanks guys for answering now i know better on what to focus