Some Truth about FEH (Video)

The video explores FEH’s negatives compared to other gatcha games… and sadly its’s true. IS does need to show some support to the fanbase or else this game might probably plateau and lose many players.

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So, basically, Heroes is being run by a company that doesn’t know how to properly operate their game.

Are we just gonna pretend like we didn’t know this already?


Wow, I was always against FEH Pass, but I hadn’t realised just how bullshitty it was.
And yet I’ll continue playing since… meh, might as well. I won’t spend a cent until IS properly shows they give a crap about their fanbase, though.

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Yup, that’s why I was so against them locking QoL content behind a pay wall. Many Gacha games provide these same QoL improvements for free, not to mention getting things like skins (either completely free or for in game currency).

They do give people the chance of getting free units (A Hero Rises, CYL, etc) and I will give them credit for those, but, overall, Heroes is being run poorly, and has been run poorly for years now.


The thing that I’d alway feel weird about FEH is that events doesn’t feel like event. It’s just some mode that will come back once in a while like VG or TT. When it’s Christmas or Summer or Halloween, we alway got a paralogue and a banner, and a login bonus or a gift but that’s it. No big event or anything like other gachas.

It’s seem like IS think contents= new heroes to summon.


Other Gacha games typically have their events more engaging.

“Participate in x and you’ll get y, which you can then spend on z.” or something to that effect. Heroes just kinda… gives you everything without really doing anything unless it’s a Tempest Trial.

“Do this map and receive currency.”
“Log in and get free pulls.”

I guess, in a way, many prefer it to be that way - why work for prizes when you can get it for free - but Forging Bonds and Tempest Trials are pretty much the only “events” we get for things like Christmas and Halloween and they’ve been doing the same thing for pretty much every other holiday. :thinking:


All other gacha games I played were worse than FEH tbh. Not saying the gacha aspect in FEH is good… in general gacha = bullshit business model imo.

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What confuses me about this video

and @Krazytre 's comment

Is that they’re using FGO to make an example out of FEH. Do any of the people here saying that the video is true actually play, FGO? Like, I adore that game. But that game is beyond flawed. The rates are garbage, even with the astral amount of goodies you get, the chances of getting good units is next to nothing.

And the events are something horridly abysmal at times. Like, legit pull my hair out level of grinding. Hell, an example should be this Valentines event. Literally 60 Million bits of currency to complete the event in its entirety. I’ve been playing since it started taking small breaks and I’ve only just now hit halfway.

Like, I know its easy to judge based on videos, and people making examples side by side. But when you look at FEH as a whole, its not the worst run gaccha ever. Flawed? Hell yeah it is. Maeda’s 3DS favoritism and bad choices with some PR moves as well as general design choices really make that obvious.

But is it that bad? Nah, there’s worse. We could have FGO’s gaccha system which is the most horseshit thing ever. We could have FGO’s combat, which is both old, classic RPG fighting (great for those that love it, un-inventive for those that don’t), we could end up with powercreep to the level of RoB, or even the amount of grinding present in a lot of them that makes the slog so painful, that the game loses that loving touch.

TLDR; Objectively, kinda true. But its easy to judge when you look at another game and see the goods, but forget all the bads that game has compared to the one you’re salty/angry/worried about.


Only halfway? Did you upgrade any of your facilities?

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Already did. Took me a bit to upgrade them all, but yeah.

Keep in mind, I wasn’t around for the first valentine. No advantage from playing the first one (I deleted my first account due to mega salt from a horrid pull session, so that’s on me).

I did get mega lucky with a friend of mine in game that just so happened to have a fully maxed Flavor Boost CE on a Merlin. But that was after I hit had already done a lot.

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I don’t even have any advantages since I’d already feed all of my Valentines CE to other CEs, and I still completed the ladder.

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Then I dunno man. I guess I didn’t grind hard enough?

Overall, its probably that I take breaks because of classes in college. Or really to do something else that isn’t stare at my phone, so that could be part of it as well.

Still,I do stand by what I say. Those grinding sessions kill me sometimes :sweat_smile:

On the bright side, as the first event I fully complete since Solomon, I can finally finish maxing out Mashes’ skills. Now to move unto Ishtar. :fgo_ereshwoah:

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It’s just come down to time investment really. FEH doesn’t required that much time, unlike FGO.


Speaking of, as I mentioned before. Finally beat Solomon. I got super lucky on the fight though. He always seemed to attack the unit I wanted. So I got into a position where I just nuked him down.

Gotta ask, since I never got past Solomon in my OG account. How bad are the Pseudo Singularities? I’ve seen videos, but obviously seeing a video is different from playing them.

To be honest, Heroes doesn’t really have much going for it.

  • Story is extremely easy.
  • Most, if not all, non PvP game modes aren’t challenging aside from Abyssals, which are literally useless.
  • Arena only needs to be done in 5 battles, meaning you can do it all in one day and not do it again until the next season.
  • Allegiance Battles you only have to do like one time.
  • Raids is the only challenging content we have that actually provides rewards for your efforts and even that mode is plagued with things like the promotion of Mythics.
  • Tempest Trials is run for practically every holiday, gets extremely old and can discourage users since it’s done all the time.

Just because there is worse than Heroes doesn’t mean Heroes isn’t bad. They have shown time and time again that they have no knowledge of how to run this game without doing some of the most ass-backwards nonsense. Most of the game is literally easy mode. The only challenging non PvP mode is Abyssals and it doesn’t even give you anything, and the PvP modes in game have had the same issues since said mode has been released.

They release powercreep in droves and don’t give a damn about how it changes how the game is played. They give units refines but don’t give a damn how to actual refine holds up in the onslaught of crap they release on a regular basis (again, Frederick’s Prf weapon is absolute garbage).

We’ve been knew that Heroes is being run by people that have absolutely no idea what they’re doing - we’ve been saying this exact same thing for years now - this video hasn’t changed anything.

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Not that bad.

Shinjuku- if you can beat Babylonia you’ll be fine. Story wise it’s pretty good.

Argatha- Not that bad comparing to Shinjuku except for a few fights that may stump you a bit. Story wise it’s regarded as the worst of the bunch.

Shimousa- Regarded to be the hardest of the bunch. Forced Musashi support for boss fights which sucks. Story wise it’s fine, a prologue to the LB Prologue if you may.

Salem- Not that hard as all, but your servants lvl will be half for the Singularity. Story wise, it’s good. You’ll spend more time reading than actual combat. The ending feel kinda rushed tho.

Wheres the “We been knewn” pic

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FEH isn’t a hardcore game you’d have to sit down and play, like FGO. That’s what they went for, that’s the design choice they made. That’s why I can’t really fault them for the game being easy, that’s sadly how it is.

If we’re looking for difficulty. The main series is there. That, we can rely on for a challenge. But here, nah this is for passing the time.

So, TLDR, disagree with your first few points. The game is easy, repetitive? Yes, it is. That’s the choice they made by making the game take way less time to play. They went with an overly simple design that would attract people just in it for the few minutes they play. Not saying I wouldn’t like more, but I can’t really fault the game for the demographic it was chosen to attract most.

As to the second half of what you said. Again, not knowing how to run a game and mentioning difficulty are two different things. However, I will agree that some of their choices in design are bad. As we know them to be. But Heroes isn’t bad. Shit like Rage of Bahamut which killed itself, is bad. This is sadly mediocre and could get worse, easily.