Some weird feature units

I haven’t been summoning as much from the weekly revival banners recently… Some interesting stuff came up in the new Mythic banner, though (and after I got a few from that I said screw it and went for the Soiree banner again).
Looking for possible ways to build these up or fix a few flaws they might have if at all possible.

First up… Spring Veronica, and I managed to pull two of her no less! One has +ATK/-DEF, the other is neutral.

Next… Yune, completing the circle of Mythic elements for me. She got +RES/-ATK… Can I get some decent use out of this one?

Third, and last from this banner for the time being… Fallen Ver- er, I mean Thrasir. Well, setting aside my disappointment that the original still hasn’t been released and my surprise that she’s a Mythic… She definitely has some interesting skills and I can see her being a great teammate for Idunn.
She came with +DEF/-HP. Not the best IV there, but I’ll take what I can get.

And from the Soiree banner… Nephenee with +DEF/-RES. A little bit awkward for an archer but I can work with it I suppose.

Overall pretty pleased with these results. They could definitely be better but I’ll just sit back and be glad they showed up at all. Any build suggestions are welcome.