Somehow, it worked. (ft. effective damage)

So somehow I managed to get 200k points for the first time in any rokkr event. More impressive was how sloppy my team was. Brave Lyn with brave bow and Mystic boost in seal slot, L!Lief with bowbreaker, brave veronica with close counter and live to serve 2 in seal, and brave Claude.

You might say, “gee that’s strange, I don’t see and guard effects. Was Lyn or Claude running guard in B?”

No. I just face tanked all the specials and then healed. That’s why it was so sloppy. Somehow I didn’t die, and managed to cap score. It was weird.

I think this is also the first time I got the bow rokkr accessory too (now I’m just missing staff)


I use Brave Bow Takumi with Noontime, BoL, and 3 dancers for colorless Røkkrs. The fact that they’re flying this time makes it all the easier. Also one of my pair-ups is always L-Leif; he is so useful for this mode :feh_birbpeek:

This strategy doesn’t work so well when the Røkkr has low HP because Takumi can’t heal. I’m considering swapping his seal from Death Blow to Mystic Boost to mitigate that.


None of my guys had healing specials. Again, I really don’t know how I didn’t die.

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How many Rokkr accesories are there?
Just obtained the lance and bow ones and my first one was the dragon one

By the way I just used three Ephrys and Winter Sothis for bulli the Rokkrs this time, two of the Ephrys had galeforce so great

One for each weapon type.

One for each basic weapon type, for a total of eight. I have the full collection.

…Actually, come to think of it, we haven’t had a beast Røkkr yet, so in the future we could get a ninth.


“I just face tanked all the specials and then healed.”


And? I meant that I didn’t have any healing specials for mid combat, so I had to use a healer afterwords. Good thing they attacked veronica, so I always used her special.


I use BCelica with Galeforce. 2 dancers, one of which is Reyson for his healing prf, just give him Iote’s shield seal. And my Priscilla has witchy wand, just one whack a turn and you can Galeforce/attack with dancers 4 times with no problem. Easy sweep.

Celica isn’t even merged. If you have access to witchy wand or Melancholy on a healer, you’re good.

They also used tactics. But there’s another strat for you!

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Oh I normally use witchy wand and dual BoL, but H mia is a flier so I had to try something else.

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You can pair up Mia with a tanky pair up hero like L!Chrom.

Congrats. That first 200,000 is a special moment. Then you feel with that precedent you must achieve it every time.

I’ve been using Midori with Glimmer, H!Jakob with Brave Bow/Bold Fighter and Astra and Soiree Neph to dance him and his huge damage output. CF and CC on the damage dealers helps with the minions and the Rokkrs help as they always attack their little sister Sakura with Witch Wand so they never get to use specials.

Side note: I forgot pair up was a thing until I saw it mentioned. I wonder what IS were thinking that they’d make a brand new feature and have it on so few units and usable in so few modes that people can forget it even exists.

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To that end, you can attack 3 times in a single turn with a pair-up unit if they each have galeforce (i.e. Leif attacks and activates Zeal, switch to Celica who attacks and activates GF, then attack again with either of them.) Makes it even easier to get to 200k in 3 turns instead of 4 or 5.

Or use 2 sets of pair up units all with GF, one dancer and one witchy wand. 8 total attacks including the staff instead of a potential 7.

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