Someone can help me to do a team?

I am very new in this game (1 week playing) and I am very bad doing teams, someone can help me? I’ll attach my Characters

Hi! The best team you can make at the moment would be God Ki
Core: SP SSGSS Goku BLU,
and SP SSGSS Vegeta PUR.
EX Raditz BLU,
SP Super Saiyan Goku RED
and EX Goku BLU.
When you get to doing more of the story mode, you’ll eventually unlock Super Saiyan God Shallot. When you do, definitely add him in the team (you could replace him with any one of the bench members) as he is a very good Core option. After doing that, you’ll have an amazing team, but even now you will still have a solid team.
To be honest, that’s really the only good team you can make at the moment. You have a lot of really good fighters from different tags, such as SP Final Form Cooler BLU (Lineage of Evil), SP Vegeta BLU and SP Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Super Buu, but none of them can form a complete team, so you’ll need to get more fighters (and unlock Shallot’s transformations) to have more team options. But when you do, you’ll be able to make some really great teams, and you’ll be an amazing player. Good luck!

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