Someone could recommend me a way to improve my Robin M?

I would like to know what I could do to improve my construction of Robin M

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is putting him into a garbage basket a improvement?
Now to be serious you could give him a Breaker Skill so he can double specific units and I would give him Bonfire instead of Ignis.

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I’m pretty sure his weapon already has TA in so that frees up the A slot for something else like Distant Def 3, Bond Skills or even Fort Def/Res if you’re going for a tanky Robin. Since most TA+Raventome builds have a breaker skill I think Bow breaker could be great for him. Also his Def is pretty low for Ignis I suggest Bonfire or even Blue flame for a ‘Bond’ set up.
For his C Skill, I absolutely recommend Atk Smoke. The seal is also fine, just upgrade it.

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First, you could probably use a different IV. 25 Speed is BAAAAAD and HP is usually not that useful of an asset. M-Robin really appreciates +Atk due to having a pretty mediocre Attack stat; it also scales well with TA.

The rest depends on what mode you’re using him in, but a Breaker skill is nice. Swordbreaker is a good pick for general purposes. Bowbreaker and Daggerbreaker are good for AR and Arena because Brave Lyn and Eir are very common. If you wanna go premium he’s good with Null C Disrupt for AR because of Veronica and Firesweep users.

I’d personally prefer a Drive over a Spur when running Robin’s Prf so he can buff multiple allies; Spur is better if he’s running an Owl tome.

@LuteTheGod Robin’s weapon has colorless effectiveness, not TA. Thus TA is still highly appreciated in the A slot.

That’s a shame…
I thought his weapon was exactly like Sophia’s. So he’s stuck with TA.

I have a Sophia. I can confirm neither have triangle adept built in.

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Robin’s has Atk/Spd/Def/Res tactic 2, Sophia’s has Bracing Stance. When refined of course. Otherwise they’re just Raven tomes.

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There aren’t any tomes with TA built-in, if I remember correctly. Certainly no raventome has it.

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Wow I’m actually stupid. I thought it had built in TA. I always boast about my Sophia and I didn’t seem to realise that she doesn’t have TA…

  1. Better IV set
  2. Bowbreaker instead of Renewal
  3. Maybe try Distant Def as a seal? If he’s gonna have bow breaker he won’t really need quick riposte

Were you planning on merging him at all or is he gonna stay at 0 merges? He’s a unit that could benefit greatly with merges so I have to ask.

I’m planning to merge it the only problem is that it is the only robin that has come out in all the time I’ve been playing, I mean for about 6 months

Honestly that doesn’t surprise me; I can’t remember the last time I pulled a Lucius. >_<
All you can do is keep pulling blue and hope for the best.

well that depends, do you plan on making him a support, a fighter, or a middle?

if you plan to make him a support A can be whatever really, for B i would recommend wings of mercy, for C i prefer tactic and guard skills myself but spur is good as well, as for the seal, depends on what you have.

for fighter, that depends on what you plan to use him for. if you want specialized keep the A skill, B maybe desperation or vantage, C i like breath of life or savage blow but those can be hard to get with unlocking potential.

if you want a more general fighter, which i prefer myself, A skill close defense or brazen atk/def, B renewal is good but again maybe vantage or desperation, also can be hard to get, as for C maybe a smoke skill that isn’t speed seeing as your’s is a speed flaw and that would be a wasted skill slot, attack or resistance smoke would probably be best.

For middle mixing attack and support to best your team works best but can make the hero inflexible.

Now, just you know i don’t really get into the meta of the game too much myself this is just my prefrences and what works for me. also most of this is based of what i would to my female robin so it might not be the best skills for the blue.

In my opinion, Robin’s best use is as a support unit. Looking at your Robin, here’s the best advice I can give you:

Special Skill: Bonfire. It’s easier to charge up than Ignis and Robin’s actual defense, while unique for a mage, doesn’t warrant a powerful skill like that.

A Skill: Triangle Adept 3. No need to change this. Robin refine still gives him a strong advantage against colorless foes like B! Veronica and Eir.

B Skill: B Tomebreaker 3. This should do wonders for him, giving him a significant edge over both red and blue mages and widening the pool of those he can counter. His Res is also fairly low, so giving this to him can improve his survival a bit.

C Skill: Any skill can do here. Personally, though, some sort of Smoke skill like Atk or Spd Smoke should work here. I have a F! Robin with Atk Smoke and that works wonders when you have a tank on your team to keep taking hits.

SS: Hardy Bearing 3. Hear me out on this. Hardy Bearing 3 disables skills like Vantage and Desperation no matter how much HP you have. This hugely helps prevent Robin from being killed off early or taken out by a Vantage user.

There you have it. No need to take my word for it, though. There are plenty of others that got ideas just as good, if not better. Mold him as you see it, pal.

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Submit to Grima.

(Seriously though, there’s already a lot of good advice here)


Swap Ignis for Luna (It’s more reliable in my experiences with F!Robin), change Renewal for Null C-Disrupt (If you don’t have it, Chill Atk or Spd work well), change QR for Distant Def, and get a merge or two on him (fixes that bane and gets him some extra stats), and a few dragonflowers if you can (5 should be enough). Personally I use Harsh command on F!Robin, so she can buff and also reverse debuffs.