Someone good at min-maxing halp

I’ve been using Mona Lisa, Bella Lisa, Foulmes, and the only Demonic Sun Princess I have to max QP gain on nodes. But eventually, when I get more copies of Demonic Sun Princess, would it be better to replace the 5% QP CEs with that?

Bell Lisa don’t work that well on you, so get rid of that first

Regular farming non mlb suzuka trumps 5% qp bonus because getting the bonus spawn pretty much doubles your qp.

Fever quest suzuka needs to be mlb before it bumps those because the base qp reward is much higher than the increase from a successful bonus spawn


That said, I’d run the double Suzuka we have now over Foumes and native BL

So you’re running, say, ML/Scope/Support BL/Suzuka/Suzuka/maybe a 6th CE but party cost things bad


Scope? That doesn’t increase your qp, get rid of it! :fgo_gaooo:

I can field both suzuka and 2x bl, ml, and Foumes for now :fgo_insane:


Yeah this event is too easy for scope. All bonus, all the way.


Caster node with lil Vinci was almost too easy to full bonus (and awesome native bonus damage on her covers the np1 potato too :fgo_davinciwink:). Parvati on the archers isn’t quite so easy, but a certain kouhai is quite helpful keeping things going :fgo_bbsmile:

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And yet Im doing it anyway!

3 turn Arjurna with Facecards lets gooooo


I’m running Musashi with AA and a borrrowed 50% charge.


Im sad cause I need NP2 Musashi for her to be worth a damn in my roster.


There was a chart? Wow… I should’ve looked around more for the answer before asking here. I hate asking questions that could’ve been answered on my own ._.; Thanks a lot though!


At the bottom of the walk through, so if you didn’t scroll past your current progress it’s missable

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I question this diagram. How can a MLB demon princess be good? That’s only 30% bigger chance for enemy appearance. In my opinion it’s better to use them separate as 1 gives 15%…or do those money Xs give too little QP? I think they give about 5-600K QP.

So why not make the chance for those to appear bigger than just 30?

The chart doesn’t discuss whether it’s a good idea to mlb suzuka right away or not, just when the math suggests that a 30% spawn boost is better or worse than the various qp boosting CE’s.

Personally, I’ll probably mlb right away because I have ml, bl, and Foumes anyway, and it would open space for a currency ce while maintaining 30% boost, besides give me a 50% starting gauge for my dps. But if instead I only had one of the qp boosting CEs I’d not be in a rush to mlb since it wouldn’t have competition with anything but currency CEs.


I see, I thought that the priority order showed what to have first, second, etc as CE on your servants. That’s normally how I would read that table.

Ya, I’m one of the few who only have MLB BL. Got 3 of ML, soon 4, but still not MLB-able. I find more profit in adding more Demon Princess making the chance bigger than just 2% for each ML. Well, I’m getting about 1.5-1.8M on average where if I’m lucky and get the extra money enemy then it’s about 2.5M.

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:fgo_casgilworry: that doesn’t sound too different from the values I’m getting with all the qp CEs not that I’m paying the strictest attention to totals

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Nice, sounds like I’m not that far behind. Need the last 1K MP before I can MLB ML but that won’t happen in this event. Just means that I need to grind a little more. :fgo_insane:


I assumed everyone would be using Da Vinci due to damage bonus and ease of charging.

Until she can loop with Black Grail its gotta be a no from me.

How are you minturning without Plugsuit?!

I can do the Caster and Saber nodes but everybody else needs Quick needs scope