Someone has knowledge on Cynthia?

Maybe i’m just stupid or whatnot,but I never recruited her in Awakening,but is that pose of her,like,natural or is it something they made up for her,because I have to say:
To me,and I don’t mean to sound offensive,but that is either two things:
The Hitler salute
The half of a dab

Which I despise both.


She’s very over the top in everything, I’m not exactly sure, since I usually use Sumia over her, but it could be her idle animation


Isn’t she basically a rip-off of Owain? At least that’s what I got from her voicelines.

Alright,but still,it does look kind of wrong,maybe it’s just me though.

Her and Owain are good buddies, so it probably just her being goofy like he does.


How can she rip-off Owain when they came from the same game? :feh_confused:


I think It’s new, I don’t really remember this animation in Awakening, but I used her like one time so I’m not the most affidable here

But she’s very weird and theatrical like Owain so It’s fitting that she does poses like that.

What a crazy couple of cousins

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I just mean very similar. With the whole over-dramatic hero thing. I don’t mean a literal rip-off. Kind of like IS ripped off their own character.


When they were children they played the “Justice Cabal” (or something like that) that’s why they wanna be heroes so bad.

This and the fact that they couldn’t save the world and their parents in their timeline


I alsways pair them up because of that.
Even when Chrom is Cynthia’s father. :feh_disgusting:


she’s ew

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Maybe the arm rised up like that theatrically is supposed to represent her idea of being a super-hero?

Same lol

Didn’t know you were… into that kinda thing. :fbike:

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You think that’s bad?

I don’t now what to tell you…

I think it’s based on Cynthia’s official art for FE Awakening.


Probably. She even does “special entrance” like a superhero in her Awakening supports

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I know it pales in comparison to say… fates. Doesn’t make it any less weird though. :feh_notlikethis:

You’re right! Same thing for Yarne, in FEH one of his animations is stretching, like in his Awakening artwork