Someone has knowledge on Cynthia?

You think that’s bad?

I don’t now what to tell you…

I think it’s based on Cynthia’s official art for FE Awakening.


Probably. She even does “special entrance” like a superhero in her Awakening supports

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I know it pales in comparison to say… fates. Doesn’t make it any less weird though. :feh_notlikethis:

You’re right! Same thing for Yarne, in FEH one of his animations is stretching, like in his Awakening artwork

To the best of my knowledge, the Hitler salute is always performed with the right arm. (In fact, wouldn’t surprise me if the Nazis took the left-handed Hitlergruss as an insult, but that’s my speculation.)

it’s the pose of her Artwork:

oh, too late i guess…

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Your late, but thanks

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Unequip L! Roy’s weapon and watch the fun

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Guess I’ll never find out :man_shrugging:




Same. I’m always late

Late for a very important date?

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Not today. Maybe once a game of Mafia that I’m in starts


Mafia is a drug. Once you’re in, you’re addicted for life

I have alcohol and gacha games for that


Didn’t read the 30+ replies, but this is her artwork. It fits.

I think its more of a justice pose (her awakening official art is like that)

Also. She’s not doing the Hitler salute. The Hitler salute would be like stretching her arm in front of her, at an upward angle.