Someone here have play Melty Blood?(AKA the tsukihime figthting game)

So the titule,what do you thing about Melty Blood? I have never played so ,is fun? , Or have something interesting?, Talk about it.


Haha! Old times are fun. I loved playing with tohno shiki


A good game. It’s hard to pull a last arc. Trust me. You’ll see.


A shame Nanaya shiki does not run along walls and ceiling like it’s described on the VN. It would be pretty dope.

At least you can see his instant death in kagetsu tohya. ( the throwing knife aimed to the heart… and the neck breaking move ).

I am still surprised ryougi shiki would win the fight against nanaya. She’s far inferior when you compare physical prowess. Her eyes is meaningless against someone who is too fast.

Correct me if I am wrong.


Shiki killed with the eyes of without, because if is without that should have been plot armor probably

Her eyes are certainly more powerful but against someone who move so fast as if he teleports and who excels at the art of assasination (he does not use MEoDP during his fight in kagetsu tohya; it’s also heavily hinted in the fighting game), he has the advantage.

The plot armor would be her third personality and the author’s whims.


Shiki could be good figthting and killing, but she is not the best figthting, or the fastest ,or the strongest ,or the a lot of things, She is good but not so good

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By the way, I don’t know a damn thing about FSN. I am more a tsukihime fan.

I began to play FGO since I saw void shiki’s gameplay.


I like them and I’ve been playing a couple of the games.
A friend brought some back from a trip to Japan and I’ve got the steam one.
Didn’t mirror-moon translate them?

I used Nanaya and Kohaku but I can’t say I’m good at it.
Neko-arc is also fun.

I believe that Nanaya doesn’t have the MEoDP outside of the first Melty blood though I might be wrong.

I think you are underestimating Shiki.
One example is the bridge battle, she managed to survive a eye directed power in a storm without any cover to break the line of sight so I’d rate her speed pretty highly.

As for her being the strongest, she doesn’t have to be.
One strike is enough to cripple most enemies.
There are several examples in the series of her enemies suffering grievous wounds, she can cut someone in pieces just by dragging her finger on a suitable flaw.


I’m talking about Shiki without using the Mistic eyes, but yeah She with the eyes can kill almoust anyone with a single strick

He always has them activated since he does not wear his glasses. But he does not use his eyes since he is proeficient in the nanaya assasination art.


Remember her fingers? She encountered some resistance. Her body is not suited compared to something sharp like a knife.


So if we disregard anything outside of innate physical skills.
I think she’d have no problems dealing with Hisui, Kohaku, Sacchin, Akiha, Miyako, probably Sion.
Roa, Arcuieid, Ciel, Nero would be beyond her.
As for the rest… might have to think some more.

Hmm. The wiki seems to support that he lacks the eyes but there isn’t a source.
When did he change his Arc techniques? Re-act? Might have to see if there is a mention in that game.

It could be a degradation due to how he was created and only Tatari managed to reproduce Nanaya to his full potential…
Besides the eye colour might simply be the innate pure eyes the Nanaya have.

I prefer that style so even if it a deliberate decision to rely on his family techniques I don’t mind at all.

True, she broke her finger but she still tore that body in half.
Trying to grapple her could be fatal.


I only played melty blood actress again. His eyes are blue like tohno shiki.

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The last arc is launched when you enter blood heat mode and you press the parry button at the last second.


It has been far to long so I can’t remember how the Nanaya sidestory in Kagetsu Tohya described things but
I think there were something about how the colour of Pure eyes related such as silver and blue being human while gold and red being demonic…

In Nanaya’s case they could see that which normally can’t be seen.

True but isn’t the technique that uses up all the heat gauge also called something with Arc?

Have to go to sleep so see you later.


Did you see it? Almost nobody knows tsukihime. The culprit is the anime version. If it wasn’t for the anime we would have several routes covered by now.

They will release the remake of the VN soon. Maybe we will have the tsukihime collab. My wallet will cry.

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Yeah i have hear that that anime was bad , i really haven’t see that anime but the art style is totally not something from the Nasuverse style ,i don’t like the art style at all.
I-I mean ,what are we talking about???

I derailed your thread. I am a professional at that


Relax i was part of this too